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How to Make Dandelion Tea - Recipes and Benefits

How to Make Dandelion Tea - Recipes and Benefits

by TopicTea Team 8 min read

When people hear about dandelion, they think about the pesky weed. However, did you know that the plant you label as ‘weed’ is an herbal medicine that has been used for many centuries?

You can drink a tea of the plant's roasted roots or leaves. This plant belongs to the daisy family and has a rosette of leaves as well as bright yellow flowers.

To make tea from it, you have to dry its leaves or roast its root first.  And the best thing is that dandelion tea has many health benefits.

In this guide, we will talk more about dandelion tea benefits and how to make dandelion tea.

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Keto Masala Chai Tea

Keto Masala Chai Tea Recipe

by TopicTea Team 2 min read

There are some fixed things in life that you cannot do without, and a hot cup of tea is one of them. I have a simple keto masala chai for you today that is easy to make and very comforting.

all year around, the only thing that stays constant in my daily life is to wake up with a cup of tea. It's my way of starting the day as it is for millions of peoples all over the world.

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TopicTea - iced Mint Tea Recipe

How to Make Iced Mind Tea ... The Authentic Kind

by TopicTea Team 2 min read

The brewed beverage - particularly the mint tea, also called Maghrebi, that is most associated with Morocco - has a long history in the country. There are conflicting stories about its origins, but the most commonly accepted is that it was introduced to Morocco in the mid-19th century by a British merchant.

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Chai Tea Recipe

Authentic Homemade Indian Chai Recipe

by TopicTea Team 4 min read

In India, requesting for a "chai tea" is literally asking for a "tea tea" because the word chai itself translates to tea. Chai is often called "masala tea" by a wide range of people and it means spice tea that has been well mixed. Masala tea is a mix of spices that are aromatic with herbs added to brewing black tea making up a nice flavored tea beverage.

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Start your day right with a cup of tea