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Yixing Teapot

The Yixing Teapot; Small vessel, dynamic brews

by Kevin Horan 7 min read

I sat, perplexed. It was pouring rain outside, and before me in the small, cozy teahouse was a tray, and on said tray was a tiny, little mahogany teapot. It looked like a decoration, like something you’d see on a shelf in an old relative’s house. The tea master lifted the small brown vessel and tipped it, pouring the deep, purplish-brown liquid into a glass pot, before dumping the liquid onto the spaced surface of the tray, pouring the liquid into the reservoir at the bottom ...
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Why Chinese Teapots Are So Small?

Why Chinese Yixing Teapots Are So Small?

by TopicTea Team 3 min read

Tea is considered to be an integral part of Chinese culture. Chinese people love to enjoy each moment of daily life with tea. They consume a huge quantity of tea on a daily basis. In spite of the fact that they intake a good amount of tea daily, you will find that their traditional tea pots have the ability to hold only eight ounces off the water.
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