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A glass teapot is a culinary vessel used for infusing and serving steepened tea leaves and herbal mix. It is designed from either ordinary or borosilicate glass material. Depending on the model and brand, glass teapots vary based on the design, accessories and efficiency. Some teapots come with infusers while some do not have. Unlike ordinary teapots, borosilicate teapots are heat resistant. You can fire it up to a temperature of around 150 degrees delicious without altering its make-up.
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Glass teapots guarantee convenience during the tea steeping, sipping and savouring. They can be used for different types of teas such as black tea, oolong tea, white tea and green tea. However, the list does not stop there. There are several reasons why glass teapots are bursting in popularity.

Benefits of Glass Teapots

1. Elegance

Apart from glass, different companies design teapots using different materials such as stainless steel, cast iron ceramic, clay and porcelain. However, when it comes to visual appearance and aesthetics, glass teapots are unparalleled. They offer cutting-edge outlooks that entice users into drinking even more. This is another reason why stores are running short of their supplies worldwide.

The stylish design is also a credit when it comes to serving the guest. Yes, we all want something that stands out. It not only boosts the ego but also renders the served drink 100% acceptable without a tinge of doubt.

2. Transparency

Glass teapots leave nothing in the dark during the process of blooming or flowering your steepened or herbal tea. You can easily see through their surfaces for the bubbling, blooming and change of colours. With a glass pot, you can easily determine what and when to add your ingredients. And, of course, when to stop the brewing process.For parents, this is the vessel to go for when initiating the home culinary classes for the kids. Watching the tea bloom and change colour in the vessel is just the same as attending video classes.

3. Safety

One thing that you must ask yourself before making any purchase is the safety of the item. Ceramic Glaze and aluminium products are known for the release of toxic substances under high pressure. They play a huge role in the formation of malignant cells.

Glass teapots not only withstand high temperatures. They are also the safest and purest brewing vessels on the planet. Borosilicate glass, though a little bit pricey, are extensively used in the laboratory to keep even the most reactive chemical elements pure. They offer edgy performance in tea storage.

4. Ease-of-use

You don’t need to be a brainer to use a glass teapot. You can place it directly in the microwave whenever you want to reheat or boil the tea or water. Modern designs feature different-styled infusers that allow users to introduce loose leafs straight into the pot. This allows for the free flow of the water around the leaves hence flavorful and colourful.

Cleaning and care

Glass teapots are the best options when looking for vessels that are unseasonal and easy to maintain. They not only offer elegance and sophistication. The glass structuring is a centrepiece factor for an easy cleaning process.

Glass teapots feature smooth surfaces that do not rust even when left in water for weeks. They are dishwashers safe. You can place them in the top-rack for timely and efficient cleaning. Hardly do these surfaces stains. Otherwise, a simple detergent such as vinegar is enough for efficient removal of any bizarre stain on the glasses.

Under proper care, glass teapots do not easily season. You can use one for years while still offering the peak elegance that paints a huge smile during savouring.

One downside of these vessels is their fragility. They demand cautious handling to avoid any form of cracking or breakage. Glass teapot models have walls that vary in thickness. The walls are thinner than in porcelain pots, but not as less as in metallic teapots.
Glass walls have poor heat conductivity. For insulation purposes, this is a credit. But, for heating purposes, it is devastating. When placed on a hot stovetop, any empty glass will automatically crack. This also happens in overheating. Generally, when using a glass teapot, make sure:

  • That the glassware is not chipped or cracked
  • That the temperatures are regular. Any extreme cold or hot temperature will automatically lead to cracking. Do not refrigerate or freeze
  • That it is used often on a stove-top
  • That it is not used on a microwave
  • You empty the glass of any remaining liquid and rinse before storing

Otherwise, when cleaning the glass teapot, follow these simple steps:

  • Wipe the teapot with a brush inside-out to remove any stain
  • Pour some dishwasher liquid in the teapot and rub
  • Fill the dishwasher with water and rinse
  • Apply vinegar in case of anything that looks permanent
  • Dry the dishwasher with a paper or tea towel

Tips for purchasing

With the wide array of resources in the market, it is not always easy to find an ideal glass teapot. However, some basic tips should guide you through this confusing process.

1. The material

Glass type plays a huge role in defining not only the quality and durability of the teapot but also its scope of functionality. Glass teapots come in two types, ordinary and borosilicate. Ordinary teapots are made with the regular glass. They portray the general characteristics of regular glass when it comes to conductivity and insulation. As a result, they have poor heat conductivity and resistant.

Borosilicate glasses are an advanced type of glass. They form teapots with high heat conductivity. You can use them on the stovetop without attracting any form of cracking.

2. Price

Price is key in any form of buying. In reality, you only get what you are willing to pay for. When it comes to glass teapots, materiality plays a huge role. Due to their edgy quality and outstanding brewing performance, borosilicate glass teapots are pricey than the ordinary teapots. However, they have excellent value for money.

3. Design

Design is what makes the teapot stand out among other variants. It levels-up the elegance and beautification of the teapot. Different brands and models come in different designs. Some brands feature spout design. This type of design ensures safety when pouring the tea by eliminating drips.

Look for other features such as the handle. Insulated ergonomic handles are ideal for your safety during the brewing process. Unless otherwise, do not walk out of the store without an infuser.

4. Capacity

Lastly, you need something that can serve you to the fill. Where you are more than three, definitely you will need a middle-sized teapot. For a big family, you will require even bigger glass teapot. Additionally, your tea preparation timetable should help you with choosing the best capacity to go for.


The secret in achieving glass teapot’s value for money relates to how cautious you use it. Its level of delicacy renders it vulnerable to cracking from any slightest mistake. Store the treasure out of children’s rich and enjoy the best out of it.

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