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Tea is one of the most ancient and popular beverages. It has not only stood the test of time but has also evolved according to changing customer needs and requirements. There are different types of tea across the world and matcha tea is considered to be one of the oldest teas. Matcha is a high quality green tea that is reduced to a fine powder by the action of a stone wheel.

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It is known for its unique taste and is supposed to be packed with a number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is a special form of tea and contains significant amount of caffeine. It can be made a part of our daily meals and it traditionally has been a part of Japanese tea ceremonies (Chanoyu).


Brief History of Matcha

Matcha tea was first tried out sometime during the 12th century. Zen monk Eisai brought the seeds of this tea on a visit to China. He tried it out for its medicinal and other properties. However, it was not until 1191 that Esai Monk talked about the benefits of this tea to the public and many people started consuming of this tea. The cultivation became more advanced with the identification of the right soil, climatic conditions and the right locations were also identified. The demand for matcha tea also grew and the area under cultivation also grew quite rapidly. It started becoming famous in other countries and many western nations also started developing a liking for this tea.

Matcha Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) Utensils

There is no doubt that there is quite a bit of history associated with this tea. The tea supposedly offers the best benefits when it is drunk in the right equipment or accessories. The entire occasion of drinking matcha tea is considered to be a famous and unique ceremonious event. This is also known as Way of Tea and this is an important Japanese cultural activity. This event is unique and wonderful in many ways because it involves ceremonial preparation followed by presentation of the matcha powdered green tea. The ceremonial preparation of this tea is referred to as Chanoyu. The manner of preparation or the art behind its preparation is referred to as otemae. The influence of Zen Buddhism is clearly evident in the preparation and drinking of this special tea. The informal gatherings are known as chakai while the formal gatherings are referred to as chaji. Chaji is often a very formal gathering. It includes a special and full-course meal. This is followed by confections, thin tea and thick tea. A full-fledged chaji meal can last up to four hours.

The ceremony is incomplete without the right equipment or accessories. The list of such accessories is quite big and it may not be possible to talk about each and every one of them. We are listing below a few of the main accessories. We hope it will be able to give the readers a reasonably good insight into the types of accessories that are used, how they are used and what is the reason for using them.

Bamboo Tea Whisk

Bamboo tea whisk or matcha whisk as it is known is one of the most important accessories when brewing and presenting match tea in a ceremonious manner. This is fully organic and made from high quality bamboo. Strong and sustainable golden bamboo is used. It is durable, long lasting and completely safe and non-toxic. It can be used over and over again and requires very little maintenance, except for thorough washing with water after each use. It comes as a total set and includes a single bamboo whisk also known chasen. You also have to have a small bamboo spoon and a small bamboo scoop. It can help in whisking up a frothy, tasty and delicious preparation of matcha tea. It helps in ensuring a drink that is totally free from lumps. Using it certainly helps you to relive those wonderful ceremonies of the past and also ensures that you have one of the best match tea experiences.

Bamboo Matcha Scooper

Many people often ask the question of whether you need a bamboo matcha scooper for enjoying the matcha tea. It would be tough to give a yes or no answer to it because it depends on the individual tastes and preferences. However, there are some reasons why it may make sense to use a scooper while brewing matcha tea.

It helps to bring in that traditional look and ethnicity to the entire tea brewing exercise. Having a scooper along with a matcha whisk and a bamboo spoon ensures that there is complete uniformity in the entire tea brewing exercise.The matcha scoopers are made from high quality bamboo and are perfectly sized. Hence, it ensures that you take out only the right quantity of matcha tea. The scoops are uniquely designed to avoid scooping too little or too much tea.

Matcha Whisk Holder

If you want to make good use of the matcha whisk, it would be a good idea to invest in a quality matcha whisk holder. It looks almost as chasen (traditional matcha whisk). It ensures that the bamboo whisk retains the right shape and it can help it to dry thoroughly and properly. It is made basically from porcelain. It has a unique history and tradition behind it. Therefore, it would certainly be a very good collection and addition to your kitchen. You can surprise your guests and friends by serving them their favorite match agree tea using a bamboo whisk, bamboo spoon and take it out from the right bamboo whisk holder.

The Final Word

To sum up, while there is no doubt that there is a rich history and tradition behind matcha tea, history suggests that it should be drunk the right way. The right way has been set centuries ago and it would not be a bad idea to follow the ceremonies and events surrounding it. While this may not be always possible, the least that one can do is to use the right matcha tea accessories. While being unique, exquisite and beautiful, they are totally eco friendly and healthy. They are also durable and long lasting. Of course when you buy it from the right outlet, there is no need to spend a big amount buying it. Therefore, the next time around if you want to enjoy the full benefits of matcha tea, would it not be a good idea to have it brewed using the right accessories rather than using conventional methods. If you are a host, you could indeed give a pleasant surprise to your guests when you serve them this tea in the traditional manner.

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