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Nordic Purple Teapot

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Tea is enjoyed by nearly all cultures around the world, including Norway, which is where this teapot originated.

Scandinavian design is known worldwide for its crisp lines, minimalist construction, and in-depth colors. This purple ceramic teapot embodies all those ideals of Nordic aesthetic with its intentional boxy design, monochromatic stripes, and angular handle. Everything about this teapot is sleek and modern.

The side handle makes for easy pouring without burning your hand and the top of the lid is large enough for easy gripping without touching the hot lid. This teapot comes with a matching tray for elegant and convenient serving.

Able to match a variety of decor, the rich hues of this teapot make it the ideal gift for tea devotees far and wide.

You deserve a teapot as exquisite as the tea you drink. Buy yours today and feel the difference.


    • Material: Ceramic
    • Capacity: 750ml
    • Dimensions: 11.9x22cm
    • Immediately after using your teapot, rise it with warm water.
    • Pat dry with soft towels
    • Leave the lid uncovered until it is fully dried
    • Avoid having dust and grease get to the teapot
    • 30 Days Free Return
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Secure Payment

Start your day right with a cup of tea