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Stone Mill Automatic Gongfu Tea Set

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A stone mill that grinds out not water, but treasure! Treasure in the form of tea of all varieties, aromas, colours, tastes and styles. This is not a fantastical element from a fairytale, but rather a reality you can have ready for your next tea brewing experience today!

The Stone Mill Automatic Gongfu tea Set has some elements of the fantastic and harmonizes the cobalt stone color of half the set with the leaf-like celadon of the other half. The stone mill functions as the tea strainer and is crafted from the stone-like cobalt, along with the sharing cup and six cups. The celadon is featured in the tea utensil jar, the tea jar, a tea basin and a fragrance cup. Supporting the two porcelain families, are a tea brush with towel for wiping, a deep and intricately designed tea tray, wooden tea coasters, two tea boy tea pets and the lucky three-legged-toad tea pet. Between the vegetal green celadon pieces and the cobalt stone-like wares, your tea can flow like water through a natural stream, between rocks and plants, emulating the rejuvenating and therapeutic rhythms of nature. All courtesy of the Stone Mill Automatic Gongfu Tea set.


  • Accessories include:

    • Tea Strainer
    • Sharing Cup
    • 6 tea cups
    • Tea utensil jar
    • Tea Jar
    • Tea Basin
    • Fragrance cup
    • Tea Brush
    • Tea Towel
    • Tea Tray
    • Tea coasters
    • 2 tea boy tea pets
    • Lucky three-legged-toad tea pet
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