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Tea is one of the most pleasing and invigorating drinks. But it has to be drunk in the right way and in the right teapots. If you love Oolong and Black Teas, then you certainly will be on the lookout for the right teapots. Made of clay, Yixing Teapots are considered to be one of the best ways to drink your favorite black and oolong teas. They also can be used for white and green teas. However, there are a few time-tested ways and means that must be followed when it comes to enjoying your favorite blend of tea in these specially made teapots. 

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History and Origins of Yixing Teapots

There is a rich history behind this Chinese teapot. Though it might be difficult to exactly determine the year in which these teapots were used first, there are some intelligent research papers that could provide some genuine answers. Archaeological excavations have revealed that the first Yixing teapots might have been used around the 10th Century. It was first used in a place called Yixing and this has resulted in these teapots being called by the same name. Since then, there has been a continuous and steady growth in its use. Today, it is being used in many western countries too because of the benefits it offer and other factors.
Let us try and understand the basic meaning, scope and definition of Yixing tea. Also referred to as Purple Sand these teapots have a unique design. They are also made using special and unique Zisha purple clay. They are extremely attractive to look at without disturbing the conventional looks in any manner whatsoever. The original teapots were rough and unprofessionally made. However, since the 15th Century, they have become more modern, contemporary and the design features have also been extremely attractive and come with some special aesthetic appeals. They have some special features as far as the design is concerned and many believe that drinking your favorite tea in these pots come with a number of benefits.

How Is The Yixing Teapot Made?

There are some basic differences when it comes to making these Yixing teapots. It is not the same as making the typical western teapots. In western countries, earth-clays are turned using a wheel. However, when it comes to the purple clay associated with Yixing teapots, the method of making is different. The various components of these teapots are made separately in advance. They are then assembled piece by piece. They are handmade, or half-handmade or molded. Handmade ones require special artists who have to hand-cut pieces. They are then assembled into the right shape. They use traditional tools such as wooden picks and paddles.

Half-handmade teapots are made using a combination of handmade tools and technique with machined molded pieces. Most high quality Yixing teapots are made this way. Finally, molded teapots are used in mass-producing centers and factories. Here pre-molded pieces are made with the help of machines. They are then assembled again using automated techniques and methods.

Using the right clay is important and the clay is obtained from the Jiangsu Province in Central China. This clay has been used for centuries and it continues to be so even today. These clay materials can be categorized into two major segments and they are earth-clay that is made from mud and stone-clay that is made from rock.

Benefits Of Using Yixing Teapot

These teapots are made using some of the most awesome techniques that are old, conventional but still continue to be very relevant. Drinking your favorite oolong and other teas from these teapots will ensure that the flavor is unique, pure and unadulterated. The older the Yixing teapot becomes the brighter and newer it will look. This is a unique feature that is not there in other types of teapots. These teapots are known for their excellent resistance to cold and heat. It can be used either in the microwave or stove without the risk of cracking and chipping. The special clay has the capability of absorbing the fragrance of the tea. Even water that is stored in this Chinese teapot will have a special and pleasant aroma of the tea you are brewing in it. It is easy to mold and therefore it can be made into different styles and designs.

How To Use Yixing Zisha Teapot

Using a Yixing Zisha teapot is not very difficult. It is quite easy. You can to rinse the teapot well and fill it with water. You must let the water sit overnight. Place the teapot in a large sized pot and ensure that the lid is off. You also must make sure that the entire teapot is covered with water. Put some tea leave in your pot and ensure that it get submerged in the water. You must then bring the water and ensure that it is on a slow boil. Also be sure that you use the right types of teas for getting the best results when the tea is brewed in the teapot.

How To Care For A Yixing Teapot

Before using your Yixing teapot ensure that it is properly seasoned. Once you buy it, put the teapot in water and lightly brush and rub it. This will remove the extra clay and dust from the teapot. You should then add some tea leaves and bring the pot to boil. This will remove the earthy smell and also help to fertilize the teapot with the tea flavor. Allow the teapot to dry and once this is done it is ready for use. Do not use harsh chemicals and detergents to clean the teapot. Water is good enough to clean it. It is breakable and therefore please be sure that it is kept safely.

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