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Our Story

Sharing Tastes with the World

When you discover something you love you want to share it with the world, that’s only natural. But what about when you find something you love, and then get home and it’s gone?

That’s what we found on our travels, and it’s an experience that shaped who we are as a company. When traveling throughout Asia and Europe we were fortunate to enjoy some amazing experiences, see some incredible sights, and taste some of the world’s finest teas. From artisan brewers who spent a lifetime serving their locals, to some of the world’s finest hotel chains, we sampled them all.

Every mouthful made our tastebuds dance with delight, and made us feel happy to be alive. They were the best of times, and we couldn’t wait to share them with our friends and family back home. So we went to the local store with a list of the tea brewing tools we had used on our travels and asked the storeowner for them. But that’s when things started to get complicated…

There were simple tea sets, teapots, tea cups and a couple of tea accessories, but what about the exquisite teaware we had used only a week ago when we were traveling? They had heard of it, but they said they thought no one would buy it so they never stock it. We went to another shop, and then another, but the story was always the same: what we were asking for just wasn’t affordable, or just wasn’t available at all.

When we got home we felt deflated that we couldn’t find the quality products we were looking for. We wanted affordable teapots, premium quality matcha tea accessories, and the chance to share it all with the world. It was clear the only way to do it would be to do it ourselves.

We started with a simple tea blog, and then expanded into a few tea brewing tools. We tried them ourselves and we liked them, which helped us sell a few more. Then we looked further afield and found more amazing accessories. They made our tea even more incredible, so we added them to our store too. Before we knew it we had dozens of lines, and not a single free hour in the day.

Our passion had become our way of life, and we were finally able to share a cup of the good stuff with the ones we loved. Proof that dreams really do come true when you can share your favorite brew.

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