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Mini Cast Iron Teapot With Infuser

This attractive cast-iron teapot with a sleek form is what is missing from your tea drinkware.

Styled like a Japanese Tetsubin traditional teapot with modern features, its loveliness is without question.

It comes with a lift out tea infuser that simplifies the preparation of your favourite teas. You can brew bagged or loose leaf teas to your desired tea strength. And when it is time to pour, you need not worry about removing the infuser.

Cast iron is a great choice of material for a teapot because it evenly absorbs heat. The gradual even heating infuses the most flavor from the tea leaves into the water making for a truly rich and flavorful tea.

This cast iron tea pot is also great at retaining heat so your brewed tea is kept fresh and warm for longer. This special teapot reflects strength and beauty and will be a treasure for any tea lover. Its fully enameled interior is rust resistant and makes for easy cleaning.

Its 50ml capacity makes it a portable centerpiece and easy conversation starter. Anywhere our cast iron teapot sits, it will steal the show. To use, simply add loose leaf or bagged tea into the infuser which will then be inserted into the teapot.

To get the perfect tea, you need the perfect teapot. There’s really no better superior brewing device.

Start your day right with a cup of tea