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Authentic Yixing Puple Clay Tea Cup

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Authentic Yixing Purple Clay Tea Cup will definitely have a place in any tea enthusiast’s collection. Made from purple clay and designed by highly-skilled craftspeople, Yixing tea cup will offer an ideal way of steeping and brewing tea.

The purple clay allows for good ventilation and also absorb tea aroma, which means after a long time of brewing one type of tea using this cup, it will absorb and create an aroma and flavor of your favorite tea. This means that you should only brew one type of tea in this tea to avoid mixing the flavors, which may affect its taste.

With purple clay, you can rest assured that this teacup will not scald your hands since it is hot-resistant and cold-resistant.

The Yixing purple clay tea cup has a beautiful, flowery appearance, and it boasts of hard quality. It is handmade, and its integral shape is concise- all the drawings and edges are all great.

This tea mug is suitable for black tea, green tea, pu-erh tea, oolong tea, and blooming tea. Coming with a lid that helps to complete the design of the cup and keep your tea hot for longer, this tea cup can make a great gift for any tea lover.


    • Material: Purple Clay
    • Capacity: 350ml
    • Dimensions: 11.5*12.5cms
    • Never wash your Yixing teaware with any detergents or cleaning agents
    • Rinse with hot water after each use
    • Pat dry with soft towels
    • Leave the lid uncovered until it is fully dried
    • Avoid having dust and grease get to the teaware
    • 30 Days Free Return
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
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