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Chinese Dragon Tea Cup With Lid And Saucer

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This beautiful Chinese teacup is fully hand-crafted and features intricate drawings of dragons, all hand-drawn.

Made of ceramic, which is completely food-safe, this tea cup features a simple profile that will go unnoticed in a cabinet full of other teacups.

In the right hands, the Chinese Dragon Tea cup will become more than a teapot- you can use it as a decoration thanks to its mind-blowing drawings and perfect colors.

The Chinese Dragon Tea Cup offers a perfect balance of creative design and artistic beauty. It has a timeless design and style and thus will be admired for years without losing its value. It is also solidly-made and thus resistant to high temperature, easy chippings, and does not fade easily.

This beautiful Chinese tea mug with a dragon symbol comes as a 3-piece set including a mug, lid with a knob, and a saucer.

It is fit for small servings and versatile, which means you can brew almost any tea in it. This is your best choice for a personal solid tea cup to enable you to enjoy all your intimate tea flavors in a vintage Chinese tea cup.

It is recommended that you hand-wash with a soft sponge to ensure it doesn't chip and to avoid scratching fine drawings.


    • Material: Porcelain
    • Capacity: 800ml
    • Dimensions: 18x11.5cm
    • Give it a good wash with warm water after every use
    • Hold the cup with two hands to avoid accidental falling
    • Not use rough materials and pieces of jewellery on their surfaces to avoid scratches
    • Store them safe away from the reach of children
    • Wash and dry the teaware separately
    • Remove any stain on the spot using a baking soda and warm water
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