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Chinese Tea Cup With Lid And Saucer

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Drinking tea not only helps you relax but also improves your overall health. For this reason, you need something that motivates you to drink more tea, and this Chinese tea cup is not only inviting but also decorative. Featuring creative drawings and Chinese writings, this cup shows the classic aspect of traditional Chinese tea culture.

It is made of high-quality porcelain materials and features a smooth surface, which means you can use it for drinking any type of tea and beverage.

The high-quality porcelain material makes it highly resistant to high temperature, fading and chipping. The intriguing drawings on its exterior surface are handcrafted and will not fade quickly. It has a glazed interior surface and thus safe for use.

The tea mug comes with a high-quality saucer for collecting spills and a well-fitting lid with a knob for easy lifting. This makes it a complete set for your tea drinking experience. You can give it to your loved one as a gift, especially if they are tea lovers as well.

This cup is hand-made by experienced artists, and you will appreciate it even more if you are interested in drinking Chinese tea and learning more about Chinese tea drinking culture. With a 350ml capacity, this cup can hold enough tea to quench your thirst.


    • Material: Porcelain
    • Capacity: 350ml
    • Dimensions: 14.2x13.8cm
    • Give it a good wash with warm water after every use
    • Hold the cup with two hands to avoid accidental falling
    • Not use rough materials and pieces of jewellery on their surfaces to avoid scratches
    • Store them safe away from the reach of children
    • Wash and dry the teaware separately
    • Remove any stain on the spot using a baking soda and warm water
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Customer Reviews

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Excellent mug, heavy, but it's not a problem. Bought as a gift to a man. Quality printing.

Start your day right with a cup of tea