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Chinese GongFu Tea Set

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There is great importance attached to the choice of a tea set. Not just for Chinese people, you want to make sure you acquire a good bargain. Something that serves for your money’s worth.

A tea set is believed to impact the flavour and experience of the tea.

Our Chinese Gonfu Tea Set made from solid wood is an excellent choice. Wood and bamboo tea sets are cheap and have unique properties. 

There is no fear of the tea being polluted by the wooden material, it is usually crafted into beautiful forms because it is easy to shape.

This Chinese tea set with its teapot, tea cups and wooden tray is both economical and practical. It contains tongs, a napkin and brush.

It is appropriate for Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony. It makes an impressive presence at the tea table for any occasion whether formal or relaxed.

Beautifully detailed and smoothly polished, its design is chic and smart and helps you to keep things neat and tidy.

A thoughtful giftset for anyone who knows their tea-ware. You won’t go wrong with this Chinese tea set. Enjoy great tea served perfectly in style in an ideal tea set doubling for both function and elegance.


    • Material: Wood, Purple Clay
    • Dimensions: 25cm x 33cm x 5.7cm
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Customer Reviews

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The visible part of the chabani looks great. Inside of course not very, but who is looking there?) there is a bias diagonally because of what slightly shakes (disposable sandpaper or furniture silicone piglets). Piers and kettle are the most ordinary. Overall satisfied.

Start your day right with a cup of tea