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Classic Matcha Tea Set

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With our Classic Matcha Tea Set, you can experience authentic matcha making right at the comfort of your home. Our version is identical to traditional matcha tools. In each set, you will receive four integral components into matcha making. These are the chasen, chasaku, chawan, and chasen kusenaoshi. 

The chasen is the whisk. It is a hand-carved tool with several bamboo tines which helps aerate the matcha. The chasen kusenaoshi holds the chasen in an upright position, allowing air-drying. The scoop is the chasaku. Just like the chasen, it is made from bamboo. It comes with a unique shape which is somewhat similar to a ski. It is primarily used to equally measure matcha powder. Lastly, the chawan is the bowl which is the vessel for your matcha tea. It has a black color with subtle yet beautiful vertical lines.

Start your day right with a cup of tea