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Complete Set of Yixing Zisha Tea Ceremony Accessories

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This truly masterful Zisha Yixing Gong Fu tea set is not for the faint of heart!

Beautifully crafted and hand drawn, each set is made of the mythic Zisha purple clay to boast a truly magnificent Gong Fu tea set for a real tea ceremony. The accessories are as manifold as they are amazing to behold.

The set includes a Yixing style pot, a sharing bowl with a teapot handle, a large tea holder for loose leaf tea, a gaiwan cup, six fragrance cups, a large bowl for used tea water, a tea cloth and brush, tea scoop, tea tongs, an accessory holder charmingly sculpted into the shape of a tree adorned with a convivial little Buddhist monk, eight cups for guests and a tea pet in the form of the lucky, wealth welcoming three-legged toad.

This complete Zisha Yixing Gong Fu tea ceremony set is an incredible gift for family elders, and especially for tea lovers who enjoy indulging in their pu’erh. This set is also an amazing gift to both give and receive for the holiday season.


  • Tea Set consists of:

    • 8 Teacups (30ml)
    • 1 Teapot (150ml)
    • 6 Fragrance Cups (30ml)
    • 1 Tea Pet
    • 1 Tea Strainer
    • 1 Gaiwan (140ml)
    • 1 Tea Washer (700ml)
    • 1 Tea Pitcher (170ml)
    • 1 Tea Accessories Holder
    • Tea tongs
    • 1 Tea Scoop
    • 1 Tea Brush
    • 1 Tea Jar (440ml)
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wonderful set! would totally recommend the set and the seller.

Start your day right with a cup of tea