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Decorative Cast Iron Kettle

Glass, porcelain, and ceramic are beautiful, but all it takes is one misstep for them to shatter on the floor. If you’re ready for a teapot that won’t break, one that will last several lifetimes and that will become a treasured family heirloom, look no further than our Cast Iron Teapot.

This cast iron teapot is among our finest. Made with one of the most durable metals on earth and forged with centuries of blacksmith skill behind it, this teapot is truly one that you’ll enjoy and pass on to your grandchildren for them to enjoy just as you did.

This teapot features an intricate koi fish swimming amidst a pattern of waves that encircles the teapot’s base. Its beauty is only matched by its practicality. This teapot has a tall, wide handle for easy pouring and an infuser just under the lid for making loose leaf tea easily and efficiently.

Not only that, cast iron is the ideal choice for a teapot because with each tea brewed, the pot releases a small amount of iron. Humans need iron to thrive, as it promotes healthy blood cell generation. Additionally, iron improves water quality, so your tea will taste better than ever.

Cast iron is easy to care for. Simply empty any excess liquid when you’re finished with the pot to avoid rust and use a soft cloth to gently clean. Avoid using soap or rubbing with a sponge, as it can weaken the properties of the iron.

Take care of your cast iron teapot and it will serve you and your family for generations to come.

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