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Easy Gaiwan Style Black Teapot

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As a tea enthusiast, you understand the differences between the different kinds of tea and its brewing process. But, have you ever wanted to find an easy way to enjoy Gaiwan style tea with a minimalistic Japanese teapot? Well, now’s your chance.

This modern Japanese teapot is true Gaiwan style in its brewing and pouring of tea. But, it’s taken all of the difficulty out of it so that you can enjoy the easy way instead. This is what makes modern tea accessories so fun to work with. They have all of the authenticity that you’re looking for, but it’s all accessible in an easy and fun way.

For that true Gaiwan cup of tea with a traditional teapot done the Japanese way, you’ll find no easier option than this quality-made teapot. Best of all, it’s made to last so that you enjoy cup after cup and never worry about the teapot falling short.

Customer Reviews

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I love this one. Great product.


The parcel arrived undamaged after about 3 weeks. Very nice gaiwan. The only minus is the color. I ordered bright and received a dark one. I would highly recommend anyway.

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