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Frosted Glass Infuser Teapot

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With tea as popular as it is, there are a lot of popular products out there to make it an even better experience. This includes infuser teapots. But, what if you want a glass teapot with an infuser? Can you find it in one go that is going to be able to offer the same authenticity? Yes, it’s in this glass teapot right here.

Right away, this infuser teapot is impressive. It holds up to 1.2L and its frosted appearance is modern and fun all at the same time to make it a true wonder in your kitchen in looks alone. The quality infuser is great for getting the perfect tea taste each time you use it, even if you switch brews.

From its frosted appearance to its durable stainless steel infuser, to its large capacity, this glass teapot has got something for everyone to enjoy, and you’re going to find it’s just perfect for your needs when shopping for an infuser teapot made from glass.


    • Material: Glass
    • Capacity: 1.3L
    • Dimensions: 18x7cm
    • Wipe the teapot with a brush inside-out to remove any stain
    • Pour some dishwasher liquid in the teapot and rub
    • Fill the dishwasher with water and rinse
    • Apply vinegar in case of anything that looks permanent
    • Dry the dishwasher with a paper or tea towel
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Start your day right with a cup of tea