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Glass Houhin

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A Glass Houhin sits on the wooden tea tray. Steam lightly wafts from the spout as your tea host regales you with a story both entertaining and relaxing at the same time. That also precisely captures the true essence of the Glass Houhin, both entertaining andsure to put you at ease. The entertainment comes from watching whatever it is you are brewing unfurl, twist, dance and contort in the hot water. Watching as it releases its colour into the water and imbues it with its flavours, its aromas, and its character. All before your eyes. The relaxation comes from the appreciation of a soothing cup of tea. Whether it is chrysanthemum, hibiscus, loose leaf green tea or oolong, the Glass Houhin is your go-to tea ware item.


    • Material: Glass
    • Capacity: 230ml
    • Dimensions: 7x9.5cm
    • Wipe the Houhin with a brush inside-out to remove any stain
    • Pour some dishwasher liquid in the gaiwan and rub
    • Fill the dishwasher with water and rinse
    • Apply vinegar in case of anything that looks permanent
    • Dry the Houhin with a paper or tea towel
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Start your day right with a cup of tea