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Glass Teapot with Effortless Stainless Steel Strainer

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Every tea drinker sees the entire tea experience a little differently. Certain details matter more to one person than another. But, if you’re looking for a glass teapot that is going to offer you a little bit of everything without you needing to compromise in your own definition of “right”, this beautiful teapot is perfect for you.

Holding between 1-1.5L, this glass teapot is heavy-set, comfortable to pour-from, and easy to store. You’ll get a bamboo lid to keep safety a priority, and keep your tea authentic, too. With a built-in, effortless stainless steel strainer, this is also ideal for taking care of the little details as well. Just another way to see how ideal this glass teapot is for your kitchen.

With a subtle whistle to let you know that your tea is ready for enjoying, this glass teapot is going to easily make a home in your kitchen. You’ll love it as both a practical and decor-inspired piece.


    • Material: Glass
    • Capacity: 1.5L
    • Dimensions: 18x13cm
    • Wipe the teapot with a brush inside-out to remove any stain
    • Pour some dishwasher liquid in the teapot and rub
    • Fill the dishwasher with water and rinse
    • Apply vinegar in case of anything that looks permanent
    • Dry the dishwasher with a paper or tea towel
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Start your day right with a cup of tea