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Glass Yokode Kyusu Teapot (Side Handle)

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When you’re looking at making and serving tea in the Yokode Kyusu style, you’ll find that quite a lot of the teapots out there are going to have the same look and feel.

Sure, you’re looking for a classic design. But you can think outside the box when it comes specifically to the details that you’re looking for in the teapot itself.

The perfect example of a unique design, this glass heat resistant teapot is decorated with glass designs, all subtle to keep the focus on the overall design and it has little touches of black not only for grip, but for a modern take on colour.  Durable and perfect for serving tea on a day when you are looking for the true classic design with a personal, modern take on it, this glass teapot hold 210 ml of your four tea, and has got all of the details that you need with the touches of design and decor that you’re looking for.


    • Material: Glass
    • Capacity: 210ml
    • Dimensions: 8.7x16.3cm
    • Wipe the teapot with a brush inside-out to remove any stain
    • Pour some dishwasher liquid in the teapot and rub
    • Fill the dishwasher with water and rinse
    • Apply vinegar in case of anything that looks permanent
    • Dry the dishwasher with a paper or tea towel
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