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Gold Cast Iron Teapot

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While some will tell you that flashy is out, and has been for a while, others will disagree. Case in point is this gold cast iron teapot right here. It’s all things flashy, really. It’s got a bright metallic hue, a bold black handle, and enough texturing to keep all eyes on it, no matter where it is. It’s all about being bold and flashy, but it’s still refined and sleek.

With the capacity of 300 ml, this cast iron is perfectly weighted to keep pouring consistent and comfortable. The fun gold colouring is perfect for making this a centrepiece in your kitchen or dining room. The texture finishes it all up with a modern, minimalistic look that makes this teapot totally unique and special to all those who are looking for it.

When you’re looking for the dramatic piece to really make the difference in your tea adventures, this gold cast iron teapot is going to offer it to you, and then some.


    • Material: Cast Iron
    • Capacity: 300ml
    • Dimensions: 7*12cms
    • Before you get to cleaning teapots, make sure that it is empty and give it time to cool off. This time allows the metal to shrink back to its original side and therefore makes for an easy wash.
    • Rinse the teapot with some lukewarm water, and do not add any detergent or dishwashing soap while doing this.
    • Avoid using rough pads while trying to clean the teapot. You don't want any scratching going on because once the inner coating gets exposed, rusting will be imminent and eventually destroying the teapot.
    • When done rinsing, wipe the pot with a soft clean cloth. Make sure you get every part, especially the inside of the pot. You then proceed to wipe the outside of the teapot. Get to the shoulder and undercut parts ever so gently.
    • Put it in an upside-down position somewhere that it can get a light breeze and allow it to air dry
    • During cleaning, some water can make bring in some rust. Specs of rust are imminent. The rusting can, however, can be remedied through a soft brush. Use it sparingly and gently. You want to keep the crust glowing.
    • Fill the teapot with boiling water to the brim and add some tea leaves. Cover the teapot with its lid and let the tea leaves steep out for about half an hour. Get rid of the tea leaves and pour out the water from the pot. The tanning that is in the tea reacts with the rust forming a natural seal and prevents it from happening again. If you do this often, then you have yourself a lifelong kettle.
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Excellent product as in description. Very good quality and fast shipping. Seller recommended!


really happy with it. thank you


Excellent product


Excellent product

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