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Gongfu Tea Ceremony Set

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The Gongfu Tea Ceremony Set is a truly elegant and classy collection of tea items that will make your next tea time something unforgettable.  Each item is delicately crafted in the Fujian style and in sublime white glazed porcelain. The items in this superb collection include 8 tea cups, 4 fragrance cups for admiring aroma, 1 gaiwan cup, 1 exquisite teapot, 1 tea funnel for convenient and mess free pouring, 1 tea utensil set, 3 wooden cup coasters, 1 tea pitcher, 1 wooden tray for accommodating the items, 3 tea pets which include two “pee pee boys” and one lucky toad, and last but certainly not least a tea tin for storing your leaves of choice. This set is perfect for brewing green, white, black and a wide variety of choice Oolong teas. If you want to host a Gongfu tea ceremony like a true master, this set is the one for you!


  • Accessories include:

    • 8 Tea Cups
    • 4 Fragrance Tea Cups
    • 1 Gaiwan
    • 1 Teapot
    • 1 Tea Funnel
    • 1 Tea Utensil Set
    • 3 wooden cup coasters
    • 1 tea pitcher
    • 1 Wooden Tray
    • 3 Tea Pets
    • 1 Tea Tin
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Start your day right with a cup of tea