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Monkey King Tea Pet

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Monkey is the ninth Chinese Zodiac sign that signifies overarching wisdom and cleverness.

This meditating clay monkey tea pet comes in time to bring not only the element of wisdom but also blessing and prosperity. Its features a monkey head with the remaining human-like body cladded in monk’s rob.

For durability, the tea accessory features clay pottery structuring. It comes in an official black colour that brings out vivid expression with strings of symbolic details.
Other than the shape, this tea accessory is brought into the limelight for its smooth feel. With prolonged nourishment, the antique achieves smoother feel hence creating a warm and pleasant tea-brewing environment.

The purple sand tea pet is a beautiful ornament that can be displayed on the decorative table or Gong Fu tea tray. However, its general use is not limited to Kung Fu set of decoration. It can be displayed on the office or kitchen table and other working surfaces. It is a great collectible for any tea lover that acknowledges and appreciates the Chinese tea culture and what comes with it.

The tea accessory comes as a single product in the safety package. With design and shade that denotes peace of mind, the accessory is an ideal gift for occasions such as Christmas and New Year Party. It speaks one thing—TAKE YOUR TIME AND ENJOY THE HERBAL TEA IN PEACE.


    • Material: Purple Clay
    • Dimensions: 8x11cm
    • Never wash your tea pet with any detergents or cleaning agents
    • Rinse with hot water after each use
    • Pat dry with soft towels
    • Avoid having dust and grease get to the tea pet
    • 30 Days Free Return
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Secure Payment

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Very satisfied with the purchase! Thank you seller! The product was very high quality packed. Thank you for the gift in the form of a towel.

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