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No Handle Japanese Teacup

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In Japanese tea culture, it’s common to drink from a teacup with no handle by holding the cup in both hands as you lift it to your lips.

This stunningly pigmented ceramic teacup is an excellent choice for completing your Japanese tea set or taking it to the next level.

We only use the finest and most elegant ceramic for our teacups. This one features a unique blend of black and pale green pigment to create a vibrant classic color. Due to their traditional handleless style, they stack easily and fit compactly into your cabinet or on your countertop.

With the capacity for 60ml of tea, this elegant teacup is ideal for one person. However, you’ll be eager to serve guests with these dignified cups, so buy enough for all your friends and family to enjoy. These cups are sold individually in order for you to get as many as you may need.

Able to match a variety of tea sets and teapots, these ceramic cups also make fantastic gifts for the tea lovers in your life.


    • Material: Ceramic
    • Capacity: 60ml
    • Dimensions: 3.5x7.5cm
    • Immediately after using your teacup, rise it with warm water.
    • Pat dry with soft towels
    • Avoid having dust and grease get to the teacup
    • 30 Days Free Return
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Secure Payment

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