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Perfectly Imperfect Ceramic Raku Tea Bowl

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Drinking tea isn’t just about the tea that you’re drinking, despite what the average person may believe.  It’s also about the piece of crockery that you are trusting to hold the tea.  The wrong mug could take away from the experience, and the right one could add another layer to it.

When you want to make sure that you are making the most out of your tea experience, trust this ceramic raku tea bowl to offer you something special.  Perfectly imperfect with its gorgeous just-off lop that will add a layer of authenticity to the pottery, this ceramic tea bowl is going to be wonderful for when you are looking at a really authentic experience in the bowl design itself.

Best of all. This elegant raku tea bowl is going to offer up an impressive 30 ml capacity so that you can use this to enjoy a little something special when it comes to the full tea experience.


    • Material: Ceramic
    • Capacity: 30ml
    • Dimensions: 2.6x5.6cm
    • Immediately after using your teacup, rise it with warm water.
    • Pat dry with soft towels
    • Avoid having dust and grease get to the teacup
    • 30 Days Free Return
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Secure Payment

Start your day right with a cup of tea