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Purple Clay Chinese Gongfu Tea Set With Induction Cooker

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Prepare to feel like a true sage with this exquisite Gongfu tea set.

The Chinese Gongfu ceremony is a true paragon of sophistication, wisdom, conviviality and tea mastery. And you too can be a tea master with this incredible tea set. This amazing set affords all of the same level of sophistication while providing as much modern convenience and ease of use as the modern era can provide, while losing none of the ancient mystique.

The modern flows forth by the inclusion of the induction cooker, which provides a virtuous and convenient mode of providing and maintaining heat for brewing after brewing. The surface of the hot panel is embellished with stylized fonts of the Chinese character for “luck”, which is exactly what you will feel with every expertly brewed cup of tea with this set. The body of the tray is made of a deep mahogany colored wood and decorated with intricate carvings reminiscent of whirls of water or the bubbles and foam of freshly poured tea! The tea ware is made of high quality purple clay; both the tea ware and the tray are handmade in Mainland China.

Various tea utensils are ready and at your service as you entertain as many as 7, 8 or the lucky number 9, guests at a time. Certainly with such a beautiful item this will be an easy feat! And last, but certainly not least is the purple clay three-legged toad tea pet. The three-legged toad, often cloaked with strings of ancient Chinese coins and one in its mouth, is a symbol of good luck, longevity and wealth. All you need to do to ensure your tea pet is happy is to pour some excess tea carefully, slowly and gently over your tea pet. This will also keep the clay exterior of your pet looking bright and shiny. Your tea pet will certainly also be a noteworthy source of conversation!

You can brew any type of tea with this amazing set. Pu-erh is the traditional trade mark type of leaf to enjoy with this set, but feel free to brew whatever type of tea you like! The Purple Clay Chinese Gongfu Tea set with Induction Cooker is a perfect and truly splendid set for daily use, enjoyment at the office, at home or most specially, as a gift for tea lovers and amiable entertainers alike.


  • Accessories include:

    • Induction cooker
    • Stainless steel water kettle
    • Stainless steel pot
    • Tea scoop
    • Tea spoon
    • Tea tweezers
    • Tea tower
    • Tea funnel
    • Tea brush with bag
    • 6 wooden cup coasters
    • 6 handmade purple clay tea cups
    • Purple clay tea pitcher
    • Purple clay Gaiwan cup
    • Handmade purple clay tea pet toad
    • Handmade wooden tray
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    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Secure Payment

Start your day right with a cup of tea