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Purple Clay Yixing Teapot with Authentic Detailing

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Tea is tea. Unless, of course, you’re someone who takes your tea preferences very seriously. If you want to guarantee that you are going about your search for a Yixing teapot the right way, allow this beautiful purple clay teapot to show you the way in perfect classic style.

It’s a beautifully shaped and hand-crafted purple clay teapot that is going to offer you both decor, practicality, and something a little different. Just enough to show you that you can play around with classic style and still enjoy something that is going to speak to you as a decor lover.

This beautiful Yixing teapot holds between 301-400 ml at a time and will be a must-have for your tea socials and other special events with your loved ones. The right teapot really can make the difference you’re looking for, so make sure that you choose the right one for the job.


    • Material: Purple Clay
    • Capacity: 300ml
    • Dimensions: 16*10cms
    • Never wash your Yixing teapot with any detergents or cleaning agents
    • Rinse with hot water after each use
    • Pat dry with soft towels
    • Leave the lid uncovered until it is fully dried
    • Avoid having dust and grease get to the teapot
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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful kettle. Made neatly. Exactly one standard cup. I recommend. Packed very well. Got without damage. Gift box available.

Start your day right with a cup of tea