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Solid Wood Tea Ceremony Tray

The tea ceremony is a hallmark of Japanese culture. When the tea is served and by whom matters, just as what the tea is served on.

Let your guests know how much you honor and respect their company with our most exquisite tea ceremony tray.

This tea tray is solid wood in made in the traditional Japanese style. There’s an upper and lower compartment, accessed by lifting the lid and opening the drawer respectively, to store all the tools needed for an authentic tea ceremony.

Made of fine, dark wood, this tea ceremony tray has elegant gold hardware and decoration, including a floral design on the top of the tray. The tray’s slatted top allows the steaming teapot and teacups to be set on top for serving.

Our tea ceremony tray looks as graceful as the hands are that carry it. Your guests will bow to you when they see you’ve served them on such a fine tray and they’ll know how esteemed you find their presence in your home to be.

Entertain in the traditional way with our most exquisite tea ceremony tray today.

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