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Yixing Purple Clay GongFu Tea Set

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You don’t need to travel back in time to enjoy a traditional style Yixing Purple Clay Gong Fu Tea set like this one.

The Purple Clay or Zisha crafted items are all handsome and superbly crafted. Done in the style of wicker baskets the tea items are perfectly suited to entertaining all kinds of guests of all ages.

The set includes a Yixing pot, a sharing pot, a handsome fragrance cup, a gaiwan,  a large basin for pouring expended or cold tea, a jar for loose leaf tea to be stored and ten amazing Purple Clay Zisha cups.

This Yixing Purple Clay tea set is a Gong Fu set worth grabbing this holiday season and having at the ready for large gatherings of tea lovers and tea novices alike.


  • Tea Set consists of:

    • 10 Teacups (45ml)
    • 1 Teapot (200ml)
    • 1 Gaiwan (135ml)
    • 1 Tea Pitcher (210ml)
    • 1 Tea Washer (750ml)
    • 1 Tea Jar (400ml)
    • 1 Tea Strainer
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