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Yixing Purple Clay Gongfu Tea Set

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You’ve never had a tea ceremony quite as fun nor quite as sophisticated as this!

This expertly crafted Yixing Purple Clay Gongfu Tea Set is the perfect thing for a gathering of 1 to 9 friends to enjoy some tea, some good stories and some good times.

The convivial aura of this set starts with each of the cups. Purple clay superbly crafted to match not just the large gaiwan style Gongfu pot, but also the charming Yixing pot where you can serve up brew after brew after brew. While pu-erh is the tea of choice for a Yixing, feel free to brew up anything you’d like! Just don’t forget to pour some out for your tea pets!

This set has three tea pets that will not just spur some great and unforgettable conversations, but legend has it, they can also bring you good luck AND let you know if the water temperature is right for brewing. That’s right, the two clay tea pets in the shape of boys “release” a stream of water when you fill them with cold water and pour the boiled water from your kettle over their heads. If the water is the right temperature for the tea, they will squirt a steady stream of water to signal to you the water is ready.

 Just make sure their “jet streams” don’t get on your gold three-legged lucky toad! The three-legged toad is an symbol of longevity, good fortune, luck and wealth, so pour a little extra tea on your toad to not just gain wealth and happiness, but also to keep its exterior nice and shiny. The wooden tray allows for any spilling to be caught in the under tray below and is decorated with the Chinese character for “tea”. In addition to the wonderful assortment of cups and pots, utensils for handling tea, tea pets and hot objects, a pump, too is included for cleaning up the tea tray. This set has big charm, big charisma and is perfect for big groups!


  • Accessories Include:

    • 10 purple clay cups
    • 4 purple clay fragrance cups
    • 1 purple clay yixing pot
    • 1 purple clay tea pitcher
    • 1 purple clay gaiwan
    • Tea brush
    • Tea tweezers
    • Tea cup fork
    • Bag for accessories
    • Steel tea strainer
    • Wooden tea tray
    • Pump for tray cleaning
    • 3 clay tea pets
    • Red decorative canister perfect for storing tea or other essentials!
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