17 Perfect Gifts for Tea Lovers They will Instantly Fall in Love With!

17 perfect gifts for tea lovers they will instantly fall in love with!
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Are you looking out to present a tea lover with a lot more love this holiday season or for a special occasion? You have got a whole range of options when it comes to gifts centered around the whole idea of tea. Ranging from functional accessories and infusers to some wonderful collections and tea samplers, we have bundled up some of the most amazing gifts for tea lovers that are going to hit the right notes for sure!

1. Bamboo Tea Box

How about delighting a tea collector in your life to the core with a gorgeous, sleek bamboo tea box. Combining their love for tea with some organization, the box features eight smaller compartments and shuts with a magnetic lock. The wooden construction will keep the tea leaves fresh, and one can store 8 different varieties of tea at one single spot!

2. Nagoya Teapot

Hand-molded, glazed and painted – this Japanese style teapot is a wonderful example of craftsmanship. Pulled off from cast iron, the teapot not only looks traditional and elegant but also keeps your tea hot for a longer duration. The hand-burnished construction exhibits some fine details. Apart from the teapot, the set also includes all the accessories required to brew the beverage, along with a stainless steel infuser that makes it almost effortless to steep and remove the tea leaves.

3. Herbal Green Tea Kit

Crafted by Julie Pedersen, this marvelous herbal green tea kit lets you make your very own custom blends. Combining the idea of exploration with their love for tea, this aromatic herbal green tea kit is all about experimenting with the world’s second most popular beverage and bringing out new flavors. The kit includes green teas from India, Sri Lanka, and Japan, along with nice interesting spices and herbs to make some unique personalized blends. Peppermint, hibiscus, jasmine, and so much more!

4. Earl Grey Tea Soap

One of the most famous breakfast teas, earl grey comes with a great aroma and flavor at the same time. This earl grey tea soap transforms that wonderful fragrance into a lovely soap that feels oh so relaxing on the skin while nourishing it from within. Custom-made soaps don’t ever miss to make a mark when it comes to gifting, and it gets even better when it all blends with the awesomeness of tea!

5. Chai Tea Sampler

Chai tea, the specialty of the Indian subcontinent is something that every tea lover finds a subject of curiosity. Thanks to the unique flavors and aroma that this tea features, this chai tea sampler will always be a splendid gift for even those who have tried them all! The loose leaves in this sampler totally burst with cherishing flavors and come in a bunch of vibrant hues of yellow, orange and brown. The set has got the classic masala chai, sweet cinnamon masala chai, cardamom masala chai, and seven more milk tea varieties. Quite like taking a tea lover to the streets of India!

6. Tea Infuser Travel Mug

Here’s a super functional tea infuser mug that lets a tea addict carry their beverage wherever they go, whether its the office, the street or simply the yard! The tea infuser travel bottle is not only great in terms of its purpose but also comes for a reasonable price. The double wall construction of the glass keeps the tea hot for more than an hour while keeping it safe with a screw on lid that doesn’t leak. Also, you can use just about any loose leaf tea with this cool gift. 

7. Marker Mugs and Teapot

If you are looking for presenting your loved one with a personalized tea-themed gift, you will totally adore the idea of marker mugs and teapot. All you need to get is a basic white teapot and some white ceramic mugs. A permanent marker or a Sharpie pen works wonders to adorn them with a nice message, an inspirational quote or some words of appreciation. You can always draw some tea-inspired drawings or go for some abstract art.

8. The Tea Towel

Apart from simply cherishing the flavors of tea, a true enthusiast would also love to know more about their favorite beverage. And this wonderful infographic tea towel serves the purpose just right as it features loads of facts, musings, and snippets on tea. Printed on organic cotton, the towel is designed by Stuart Gardner and can be placed on the table or hung on the wall. Of course, it can always be used as a towel in case of spills. 

9. DIY Sugar Cube Hearts

Every time your loved ones add sugar to their beverage, they are going to be reminded of you with these tiny sugar cube hearts. The fact that these are a do-it-yourself deal makes them even more special. Surprisingly easy to make, these cubes will make you a major part of their daily tea time ritual. All you need is granulated sugar, water, food coloring, heart-shaped mold, a bowl, and a spoon to get started.

10. Le Creuset Classic Whistling Tea Kettle

A tea lover surely knows that microwaving a cup of water isn’t the best thing to do when it comes to making a cherishing cup of tea. What it calls for is a nice tea kettle that’s not only functional and durable but also stunning to look at. Boiling water in a kettle brings out a unique flavor and aroma to a great brew, and this whistling tea kettle speeds up the boiling with that wide base. It comes in six different pleasing hues and sports a heat-resistant handle that makes pouring the tea totally safe. 

11. Crochet or Knit Mug Cover

Of course, there are cupboard cup sleeves available, but won’t having crochet or knit mug cover worked up especially for them be a wonderful feeling altogether? Warm and incredibly cozy, crochet cup cozies are also reusable and a perfect present for a tea lover. Oh yes, it will keep the cup warmer and easy to hold, while making things so much more stylish. Wrapping around the mug, the cozies insulate the beverage from the external air, while also protecting the holder’s hands from heat. 

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12. Tea Drops

Tea drops are a special something that lets you discover a new, delicious tea blend that’s all set to sip almost instantly! Combining real tea leaves, some sugar, and spices in one single drop, these cut on the expenses on purchasing actual spices for working up a great cup of tea. These little spiced tea morsels come 25 to a box in 5 tea varieties, including citrus ginger, rose earl grey, vanilla white, matcha green tea, and sweet peppermint. All it takes is to put a tea drop in a cup, pour some boiling water, further stirring it for a few seconds.

13. The Tea Spot Steeping Mug

Anyone who is an avid tea drinker would surely be having a couple of mugs already! But this steeping mug stands out from them all, and that’s why it is the perfect present for a tea lover. The most amazing thing about the mug is that it can steep right into itself, so one doesn’t need to go for any transferring at all. It’s oh so handy and makes the tea sessions a lot more hassle-free.

14. Assorted Handcrafted Teas

A great tea enthusiast can never have enough of tea varieties in their collection. And that’s why gifting them with a bunch of assorted and handcrafted teas is a wonderful idea. Even if you are not sure what type of tea they prefer the most, this collection has got several high-quality wonders that won’t fail to make a statement. Plus, they would love to experiment with the new blends, tastes, and aromas!

15. Glorious Tea Spoons

When it comes to gifting a tea accessory, it surely can’t get any better than these tea spoons that come in a broad spectrum of styles and shapes. Right from tea spoons that are topped with vintage-looking teapots on their handle to a super cute set that has the handles replaced by hearts, from gorgeous roses on top to numerous other designs, these spoons suit all kinds of whims and choices. 

16. Cat Ceramic Tea Bag Holder

Getting up to dispose of those used tea bags is something no one loves when they are having a relaxing cup of tea. And these tea bag holders are a more than perfect gift to come to the rescue! This pick has got gorgeous stoneware tea bag holders that come in four different color themes while featuring an adorable cat-inspired design wherein those kitty facial features are going to steal everyone’s heart!

17. Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

Another gorgeous gift that allows one to take tea on the go, this 15-ounce porcelain mug is one of the most popular tea-related products out there right now! It features a built-in infuser and is available in some beautiful hues, including white, orange, navy and turquoise. The chip-resistant mug has also hot a heat-insulated handle and a lid that doubles up as a coaster. Perfect for those who like fresh-steeped loose leaf tea.

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