20 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Tea Bags

20 ingenious ways to use old tea bags
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Tea is one of the most common beverages around. The English people are known by it. It took close to 3000 years for the tea norm to catch on, but it proved worthy since it is now an everyday beverage. As time flies by and technology kicks in, ways of packing tea have grown. Take the case of the tea bag. It is one of the means of tea consumption. But have you ever asked yourself what happens to the waste bag immediately you are done with it especially if you go through a significant number of them in a day? Well, there are several ways you can get the most out of them. 

Take a look at how you can get the most out of tea bags so that nothing goes to waste.

1. Making your fix stronger

When you finished fixing yourself a cup of tea, don’t throw the tea bag away. Put it in a glass of cold water and store the bags in a fridge. This process brings back some potency and can come in handy when you are making your next batch of hot tea, ice tea, or green tea. This method proves to be cost effective since you tend to use fewer tea bags.

2. Puff relievers

These tea bags have been known to work wonders for the dark circle that forms around eyes. The trick is putting one that has little moisture since the cloth acts as a suppressing material. The little tea left absorbs into the skin and giving you a natural glow. With the state of chemical regiments, it seems less intrusive and has little or no damage to your skin.

3. Burns or skin irritation

If you have ever had an encounter with a new razor while shaving, then you have probably had some irritation. This sort of discomfort can ruin what was panning out to be an excellent day. You can, however, remedy this by rubbing a tea bag on the area affected, and this soothes the pain or discomfort.

3. An extra zest to your food

Foods such as pasta and lasagna are flexible when it comes to what flavors you can try. For this, I highly recommend adding a tea bag. What you can do is take the tea bag and put it in the boiling water you plan on cooking the pasta or lasagna. Once the right temperatures kick in, take out the tea bag, and add the food for cooking. The flavor turns out superb, and the aroma is mesmerizing.

4. Cleaning glass

Tea bags can work wonders on the dirty glass. This cleaning tactic works when you take a damp old tea bag and rub it against the surface. The process is a tad tedious, but once you start seeing the glossy finish under there, you get used to this. Once finished, wipe the surface with a dry cloth to get any finishing of the teabag that might be there due to friction.

5. Dyes

Tea bags are a rare type of natural dye. Its properties can make it easy to dye paper fabric and hair. So what you do is you run a damp tea bag on the surface you want dyed, and since it has hydrogen oxide ( a drying agent), the job gets quickly done, and you have yourself some natural perfection.

6. Infections

Damp tea bags do the most for damaged or injured skin. If you happen to have a boil or a skin infection or a first rash, just put a damp tea bag on it. Gentle rubbing should pull the disease right out and heal the sore. Make sure you use a clean tea bag to avoid another severe infection.

7. Breath problems

Have a problem with bad breath? You might have a sinus issue which gives you a hard time in showing the people close to your affection. You may have had some onions or garlic, which then gives you struggles with bad mouth odor. If that’s the case, then take an old used tea bag and brew yourself some weak tea. Weak tea is essential in this case since you don’t want your mouth smelling like tea either. Don’t swallow, but instead swivel the solution in your mouth then spit. You can use flavored tea to give it that unique twist.

8. Make your hair shine

If you like conditioning your hair, like most of us, then you will love this procedure. Instead of buying expensive shampoos that are only detrimental to your scalp and pocket, why don’t you give teabags a chance? You only need to brew up some weak tea using an old tea bag and rub it through your hair after you have used some shampoo.

9. Refurbishing wooden furniture

If you happen to have some old furniture that has seen better days, they have no fear; we can help you restore it to its once revered state. What you do is take some damp tea bags and rub them across any worn surfaces. This irons out the finish and brings back a glossy finish. Its that easy.

10. Sunburns

Fairly skinned people suffer from sunburns at an alarming rate. Fighting with the heat or locking yourself indoors is not a well-thought solution. Next time you are in the great outdoors rub a dampened used tea bag over the affected area. That should do the trick.

11. That disturbing onion smell

So you have probably had an encounter with this. Thus you are making dinner that includes onions. You finish making it then wash your hands and have your lunch and go on with the rest of your evening. So later on, while you are in bed, you get a whiff of onions on your hands that doesn’t go away even with another wash. So the solution to this rubs your hands with some used tea bags. That way the onion smell doesn’t linger around.

12. Household Odors

Most households have that one lingering odor. It can be the trash in the kitchen, the cat’s litter box, or some stale food in the fridge. Tea bags can act as an air freshener and get rid of these unwanted smells. What you do is boil some water and put in the used tea bags. When hot, pour the water directly where these smells come originates. Within days, you will find the air around your house as pleasant as it can be.

13. Gardens

Gardens are big fans of tea too. Doubt it? Make a fresh brew with some old tea bags and pour it onto some plants and watch them thrive. The thing is the chemical properties in weak tea provide enough nutrients in the soil to nurture optimum growth.

14. Meat tenderizer

If you ever bought a meat tenderizer, you know that those things are not cheap. With the way modern kitchens are set up, this makes it a necessary tool to have. An alternative to this is just arranged some damp used tea bags on the meat and work it in. This method does the trick, and you end up with some excellent tender beef.

15. Smelly feet

Have you ever had a case of smelly feet? It happens to the best of us for various reasons. The stinky foot is a problem you can quickly rid yourself. Put some used tea bags inside your shoes. You can also dump your feet in tea bags as a way of detoxing. These two ways are the best and easiest ways to beat foot odor.

16. Using tea bags for your plants

Putting used tea bags at the bottom of your plants is on the way you can help retain the plant’s moisture. This way saves a lot of trips and work watering the plant. Toss the bags onto a compost heap to absorb as many nutrients as possible and watch your plants flourish.

17. Using tea bags on indoor pets

If you have animals you live with, you know that a lot of parasites are going to be a problem. Tea bags act as a repellant to these bags, and you don’t have to waste time and money scheduling vet visits. Just rub your animals down with a few used tea bags. 

18. Toilets

If you get hard water stains with some nasty looking rings around them on your toilet, then you need this. Get some old used tea bags and rub them on the stains; this takes little time and doesn’t cost as much as the detergent route.

19. Cleaning the fireplace

If your house has a fireplace, then you probably know the hassle that comes with cleaning them. You can remedy this by having wet used tea bags in the ashes. This way prevents them from flying out, giving you a more comfortable cleanout experience.

20. Homemade soap

Homemade soap is one if not most cost-effective methods that can save you a lot if you know how to prepare it. You can improve things by adding some old used tea bags. The scent will pretty much resemble these high-end products.

With this aggregate information, teabags can prove useful to have around provided solutions to everyday problems. How will you use your old used tea bags?

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