Arnold Palmer Drink Recipes

Arnold Palmer Drink Recipes
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Arnold Palmer is one of the most well-known golfers in the world. His signature drink is “The Arnold Palmer” which has become a worldwide beverage, as well as a popular cocktail, throughout the United States and around the world. As an avid golfer himself, he enjoys sharing his favorite Arnold Palmer drink recipes with his fans and with golfers everywhere.

You can easily personalize the taste of the Arnold Palmer by adding ingredients or adding a little more liqueur. Try adding some spices or sweetening it up with a little food coloring or sweetening it up with a little liquor. This is a great drink to make and drink with family and friends.

If you’re someone who likes to drink and golf, you will love these Arnold Palmer drink recipes. Many of them are based on the popular Arnold Palmer beverage, but there are a few that deviate a bit more than the traditional recipe. They are easy to make and will give you a good boost of energy for the day or evening ahead.

What is an Arnold Palmer Drink?

Arnold Palmer, also known as the Palmer drink, is essentially just a flavored water with a splash of ice. It tastes great when mixed with a good slice of lemon or if you have another favorite alcoholic beverage. Arnold Palmer was a big fan of iced tea and lemonade, and he frequently had it. A woman asked for that drink that Arnold Palmer made and thus, the drink was born. Arnold Palmer has become a very famous drink that is enjoyed by many people around the world. It is very famous with golfers, in particular, though many people in general enjoy this drink.

Arnold Palmer may be mistaken for just tea and lemonade, but that is not how Palmer created it. The typical ratio of ingredients is a 1:1, also known as an Arnie Palmer, but a more sophisticated concoction may be better. If we add iced tea to lemonade by a 2:1 ratio, the flavor is strong, and the taste is complemented by sweet lemonade.

Arnold Palmer Drink Recipes

How To Make an Arnold Palmer Drink

In order to make a good shot of Arnold Palmer, you’ll have to prepare some tea. You can get great tasting tea by simply buying a good tea. Whatever tea you use will work! Also, we think it’s great to brew your tea cold rather than hot; let it sit in the refrigerator overnight before enjoying it.

Next is making great lemonade; making it from scratch is surprisingly easy to do. If you want to make your very own lemonade, go for it. If not, you might want to buy some good lemonade at a specialty store or even in a store. Limeade or orangeade is a very different way to make lemonade, and it allows you to add other ingredients to the drink.

You might think that the classic Arnold Palmer drink is made with only a few drops of vodka, but it’s actually a fun drink to make if you have a pretty good time. Because cocktails are very popular right now, you shouldn’t be limiting yourself to vodka. If you want to make an easy drink that tastes good, you can use any spirit you like, tequila, gin, or whiskey. You can also flavor your drink with any flavor that you like, pineapple or ginger.

Add a little something extra to your drinks by making some delicious-looking syrup. Just heat up a cup of water in a saucepan and add a cup of sugar and cook until it boils. Stir occasionally while stirring to dissolve all the sugar. Then add in 1 teaspoon of your favorite herb, flower, or spice. Wait until the simple syrup has cooled completely and strain it onto a chilled, double-sided paper towel to create the perfect consistency. If you store it well, it will last for a good week.

Add both the tea and the lemonade to a pitcher.  Add lemon slices and stir to combine. Fill glasses with ice and lemon slices before pouring the tea.  If serving by the glass without a pitcher simply add ice and lemon slices to a glass and pour a 50/50 mixture.  Garnish with fresh lemon slices.

What Alcohol is Best for an Arnold Palmer?

A classic Arnold Palmer drink is completely alcohol-less, but you can still add a little something to it. Vodka or a stronger bourbon is a great drink to top off an Arnold Palmer. This cocktail is often known as a John Daly cocktail. Alternatively, you can use the whiskey that golfers love, such as a shot of Ketel One. Spices in rum and bourbon are all-time favorites, but you can also try more traditional rums. ​

Tips for Making an Arnold Palmer

There are some wonderful recipes on the web, but making lemonade is one of them. Home made lemonade can be made very easily by simply adding a little sugar and lemons to regular tap water.

It is usually preferable to use a tea that is brewed slowly and steeped overnight to create an ice-cream like Arnold Palmer loves to drink. Try making it with some ice tea, as well. You will enjoy the way it tastes, thanks to the fact it is sweet.

There are certain kinds of teas that require different times of brewing and different temperatures. Tea companies give you an brewing time that works best for your teas on their website. Do as we recommend, boiling water until just hot, then removing the filters, and then giving the drink a good chill for a few hours. You should have a refreshing drink!

Preserving the ratio of ingredients in a drink like this is also easy. Make it as a pitcher drink instead of using a cup. Make some and put it into a pitcher to have a nice, refreshing drink when you want to have one quickly. It also works great at a brunch or at a barbecue or a party that guests will enjoy.

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