5 Best Ways to Enjoy Your Tea

Ways to Enjoy Your Tea
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Tea is not everyone’s first choice of beverage. But in most parts of the world, it is certainly in the running for the title. Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world. From ancient China to colonial Great Britain, tea has been around while historians filled pages and the world changed. But for someone who is not used to tea, it can be hard to see what all the fuss is about. That’s okay, though. Some people get a taste for tea right away. Others need some time before they can acquire the same pleasure. This blog is for this second group of people. Here are five ways to get into the habit of enjoying tea time, whatever time it is.  

Have a Cup with the Morning News  

The most avid tea enthusiasts often begin their day with a nice cup of tea. It can quickly become a big part of your morning ritual in just a few weeks. The aromatic vapor and the boost in caffeine are a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. You could start with your first cup while catching the morning news on your Spectrum TV packages. Or while reading the newspaper. Or even while browsing through your social media feeds. Pretty soon you’ll find your mornings feel empty without a nice fresh cup of tea.  

Take a Tea Break at Work  

Taking breaks at work is important, and don’t let your employer tell you otherwise. Staying seated for long stretches is often very bad for your posture. It can cause fatigue and stress, which in turn impact your productivity. That’s why most employees do sneak away for a few moments to stretch and refresh themselves. Why not add tea into the mix? A refreshing tea break away from your computer screen may be just the thing you need to recharge. You may even notice the sudden inflow of caffeine helps with easing headaches and refreshes you for another round at your workstation.  

Make Tea a Meditative Exercise  

Tea doesn’t just have to be a beverage to consume. You can choose to treat tea time as a healthy meditative exercise as well. A lot of people suffer from anxiety, and chronic workplace stress can make it much harder to perform under tight deadlines. Of course, exercises like mindfulness or meditation can often help with that.  

But people may notice you sitting at your desk with your eyes closed and wonder what’s up. You can disguise tea time as your meditation time quite easily. Use it as a space to reflect on your actions and emotions. That way, you should be able to clear your head of many conflicting emotions and focus on important tasks.  

Have a Cup by The Fireplace 

Cold weather and hot beverages go hand-in-hand. Why have something as unhealthy and destructive as alcohol on a cold day? You can’t have alcohol all the time. Certainly not when you are working or driving. So why not curl up by the fireplace and have a warm cup of tea, instead? You’ll feel just as warm without losing any of your social filters or faculties. Of course, feel free to have a nightcap if you need it at the end of the day. But replace the need for a warming drink during the winter with freshly brewed tea instead.  

Choose Leaves Over Teabags  

Finally, if you want to enjoy tea, you have to consume it the right way. Teabags are fairly convenient to carry around and make it very easy to prepare a cup of tea. But they rarely give off the same aroma or deliver the same satisfaction as brewed tea leaves. Find that hard to believe? It’s the same with coffee! You may tolerate instant coffee at the office or airport. But given the option, you would always choose freshly pressed beans and brewed coffee, right? The same applies to tea. 

Tea leaves retain far more flavor and usually have a greater kick to them than the average tea bag. And when serving more than one person, you can brew a larger quantity of tea. It is always a good idea to experiment with different kinds of tea leaves to find the best ones for you. But once you acquire a taste for them, you’ll never like teabags again.  


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