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by TopicTea Team 3 min read

Electric teapots are widely used in steeping tea. These teapots come in various shapes and sizes, but one thing is constant; they are easy to use. All you have to do is put water in the pot and switch it on. The machine will do all the work. Worried about overheating or that the water will spill over? Scrap that worried face off. 

The machine can automatically switch itself off once heating is complete. Electric teapots also allow you to regulate the temperature of the water you are heating. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here we will take you through everything you need to know when steeping loose leaf tea using electric teapots.

Electric Kettle to Brew Tea


Properties of an Electric Teapot

For you to understand why people prefer using electric pots over any other teapots, you need to understand the electric teapot’s properties. After doing so, you can now see how the features and benefits go hand in hand making electric teapots masterpieces in brewing loose-leaf tea.


1. Adjustable Temperature Settings

Electric teapots have buttons that allow you to make adjustments on the amount of temperature you want to use. These controls are vital when setting the right temperatures based on the type of tea you are brewing. For instance, when brewing black tea, you need temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some electric teapot manufacturers have taken the tea brewing temperature thing to a whole other level. Smart electric pots can now automatically adjust temperatures based on the type of tea you are brewing. All you have to do is select the type of tea you are brewing before the heating process. Once you have done this, the electric pot will do everything for you.


2. Material Options

For years now, stainless steel and copper have been used in making electric teapots. But as technology progressed and people’s preferences evolve, people are switching to other options. Electric teapots are now made using a wide variety of materials like plastic, glass, and ceramic.

Looking at electric glass pots, for instance, they offer a lot of capabilities that can facilitate your tea brewing process. One of these things is the ability to see how much water is in the pot so that you know what you are doing and make adjustments if the need arises. Additionally, you get to enjoy the brewing process. 


3. Portability

I know you might have come across many electric pots that have cords and you are wondering how this point on portability comes in. Hold on, let me help you understand. There are electric teapots that lack cords. These cordless electric teapots are also battery-powered, and this gives you the full-privilege of carrying them around. 

For instance, if you are in a hurry and you have not had your favorite cup of morning tea, you do not have to worry. You can carry all your ingredients and brew your cup of tea on the way to your destination. Once the battery dies, you can charge it, and the cycle continues.


4. A Wide Variety of Designs

Everybody has his/her taste. This then means that what I like brewing tea with is not necessarily what you would like to use when preparing your cup of tea. That is why manufacturers have come up with numerous electric pots, each one displaying its design and style. 

The numerous styles come in handy when preparing tea for different occasions. You can choose sleek and stylish designs when hosting a few friends over in your backyard. You feel fantastic as you talk and sip your favorite type of tea poured into your cup from your elegant electric pot. When the situation changes, so can your electric teapot. You can opt for an electric pot with a subtle design when brewing your everyday cup of tea. The choices are all in your hands.

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Electric pots are truly amazing pieces of equipment for brewing your tea. For one, they are powerful machines that can do the job for you in just a few minutes. What is the point of having your task done if it is not done correctly? That is why some kettles come with proper means of adjusting your temperature according to the type of tea you are brewing. Let us also not forget the fact that there are battery-powered electric pots that allow you to brew tea while on transit.

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TopicTea Team
TopicTea Team

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