Green Tea Kit Kats From Japan – Review

Green Tea Kit Kats From Japan
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Do you love drinking tea and eating sweets? If you do, you will love the new Kit Kats by Nestle. The green tea Kit Kats are imported from Japan and it is a great item to bring along with you while on the go. This is not just any kind of Kit Kat bar; it has its own unique taste that can be compared to nothing else. If you like the taste of green tea, then this will make your day!

What is a Kit Kat?

A Kit Kat is a bar that is wrapped in chocolate. You can eat it without feeling guilty as it does not contain any fats, sugars or cholesterol. This means that you can enjoy this product anytime of the day and not feel guilty about what you are eating. If you are looking for a treat, then the green tea Kit Kat bars by Nestle will be perfect for you!

These products are produced in Japan by Nestle and they use only the best ingredients to make them as good as they can be. They have a great texture, flavor and overall taste that just cannot be matched by other products on the market today. Even the smell matches actual Matcha!

If you want a product that tastes great and is made from only the best ingredients, then this is definitely something that you should try out. It does not matter if you love green tea or if it is your first time trying it out; these bars will blow you away!

If you’d like to try some, you can try searching for it at your choice of online eCommerce sites like Shopee or Amazon. Some countries don’t have them available, so you might have to look for a seller that specializes in selling imported snacks.

Nutritional Information for Green Tea Kit Kats

If you’re wondering about the nutritional info for Kit Kats, look no further. A Kit Kat Mini green tea-flavored snack has as much as 12 grams of food per serving. One serving of it contains about approximately 8 grams of carbs, 6 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fat, and 1 gram protein.

All of those nutritions total up to approximately 66 calories, with 35 of it from fat.

What is Matcha?

The biggest component of a Green Tea KitKat is the matcha flavor. So what exactly is matcha?  It is a powdered green tea used to make various products. In the world of foods, matcha can be found in cakes, pastries, drinks and even powders.

The most popular drink made from matcha is called the Matcha Green Tea (or sometimes it’s referred to as Matcha Green Tea Latte, instead). It is prepared by grinding up the leaves of the tea plant and then steeping them in hot water for about 10 minutes. The end result of this process is a rich tasting beverage that you will enjoy on its own or with food.

Nowadays, you can find and make your own matcha drinks by just buying matcha sachets at the nearest grocery stores.

Benefits of Matcha

Matcha has many health benefits. It has an antioxidant known as EGCG which boosts your metabolism while also helping you lose weight because it suppresses your appetite. Matcha also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels while keeping your skin healthy, thanks to its antioxidants that prevent sun damage.

It also helps keep your hair healthy and prevents loss of hair coloration as well as prevents aging signs such as wrinkles on the face and eyesight problems including cataracts. Some studies have shown that Matcha may also help fight certain types of cancer such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.

The most important thing about this product though? You are getting a great amount of fiber, protein and vitamins with this product.

What’s the Difference Between Matcha and Green Tea?

Another notable thing about matcha is how similar it is to green tea. In fact, a lot of the time people think the two are exactly the same. However, this is not exactly true.

The main difference between matcha and green tea is in their processing. Green tea is processed by steeping the leaves in hot water, while matcha is processed using a grinding method. This process takes more time and effort, but it also gives you a better result.

In a way, matcha is a more highly concentrated form of green tea that’s been processed into fine powder. This means that the taste is more noticeable, and in some cases, there are more nutrients and components in matcha compared to regular green tea. 

Another difference between matcha and green tea is that the latter contains a fair amount of caffeine. This can lead to you getting jittery or even irritable if you drink too much of it. Matcha has almost no caffeine at all so you won’t get any negative side effects from drinking it.

Another thing that makes matcha special is its taste, which is very strong in flavor when compared to other teas. The only thing you need to do when using this product is make sure that you add a little bit of water and mix well before drinking it.

This will ensure that the right amount of liquid goes into your mouth without having the powder sit on top of your tongue for too long and giving off an unpleasant aftertaste.


Green Tea Kit Kats are a great product to bring along with you while on the go. If you love green tea, then this will be a product that will make your day! You can find them at your nearest physical or online stores.

It’s also not uncommon for people who love green tea products like these Kit Kats bars to also enjoy matcha drinks or green tea drinks. You can try them if you’re one of those people who also enjoyed the green tea-flavored Kit Kat. You can also try out matcha drinks if you’re curious about the green tea-flavored Kit Kat, but can’t find it being sold near you.

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