How to Make Baileys Cream Tea? Ingredients and Step by Step Recipe

how to make baileys cream tea? ingredients and step by step recipe
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Baileys cream tea is the ideal morning or evening drink for anyone. It’s a cream tea cocktail that blends a sweet aroma and intense taste that tea lovers desire. With only three ingredients to boot, you’ll find it easier to prepare this exclusive tea.

The gorgeous Baileys Cream Tea is best for guests and features excellent tasting delights. It’s like a liquid dessert and is a perfect cocktail drink for your guests. Besides, you can serve Baileys cream tea while hot or cold though one cup is never enough for anyone. To prepare Baileys tea, follow our kitchen guide below.

How to Prepare Baileys Cream Tea?


  1. 30 ml of Bailys cream (you can also use another Irish cream) 
  2. 3 tablespoonful of Cup Above Tea Himalayan Black Summer (We prefer this type of tea is because it contains the best chocolate honey pots for this recipe. 
  3. 140ml water


  1. Boil the 140ml of water 
  2. Add Himalayan Black Summer tea 
  3. Leave the leaves to boil until the water takes their color and flavor (Himalayan Black Summer turns the water to a strong, bold liquid)
  4. Pour the Irish cream to a martini glass (For the best layer results, pour the cream directly to the bottom without running it down the sides of the glass) 
  5. To create the next layer, hold the tip of a dessert spoon against the inside of the glass. However, ensure it’s above the Irish cream surface. In this position, the underside of the spoon should be visible, and the concave part of the spoon should face the bottom of the glass.
  6. Pour the infused tea slowly and carefully from the back of the spoon (pour the tea slowly to get subtle layers)
  7. The liquid with a lower density will rest at the bottom of the glass while the higher-density liquid will sit at the top of the glass. 
  8. Add sugar to taste 

Tips when making tea cocktails

Nearly everyone loves tea, and tea is an art that each seeks to explore. But if you like tea and you are not in a hurry, then there are some rules you ought to follow. For instance, what to put and what not to put into your tea. These include:

  1. Never add milk and lemon at the same time as the lemon will curdle the milk
  2. After using a teabag and leaving it for 3-4 hours, never use it again to infuse another cup of tea. When you leave the teabag in the open air, a chemical reaction occurs that lowers the quality of your beverage. The chemical reactions could also produce unsafe substances that can be harmful to your health.
  3. Don’t infuse your teabag to your tea for a long time as it results in a stronger and bitter tea taste. The bitter taste is a big turn-off, and your guest may not take it.
  4. Never use hard water on your tea. Water from your sink is majorly hard water and contains minerals such as fluorides, chlorine, and calcium that destroys your tea’s flavor. Besides, they may not be suitable for your health. Instead, use bottled or softened water if you have a softening machine at home. 
  5. Boil water for your tea, unless you are preparing green tea. 
  6. Before preparing tea, always rinse your teapot with boiling water. That way, you’ll get rid of the remaining tastes and bacteria on the pot. 
  7. If you’re preparing Assam, Irish Breakfast, Royal Blend, Rose Pouching, or Prince of Wales tea, then add milk to your teacup first before pouring the tea. If you add tea before milk, then the brew will taste bitter. 


Baileys cream tea is easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients. Besides, its superb, lovely, and enticing. If you’re looking to make Baileys cream tea, then stick to our recipe instructions that ensure you prepare the best drink.

Besides, considering the numerous benefits of tea, Baileys cream tea will give your body the calmness and nutrients it desires. Tea has a long history, and it’s a part of the culture. So, buy your ingredients today and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea treat in your home. 

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