How to Properly Measure Loose Leaf Tea For Brewing

how to properly measure loose leaf tea for brewing
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Preparing tea with loose leaves can make a more delicious and flavorful cup of tea than those pre-packed tea bags. But the secret to prepare a delicious and flavorful cup of tea is to use the right measure of ingredients in it. Most of the people used to use the tea bags because of its benefits and flavors. Drinking a cup of freshly brewed tea with loose leaf can help you to relax. If you have tried teabags previously, then you can see a clear difference with the loose leaf tea. Did you have switched to loose leaves tea from the teabags for the first time? Then, you will need to know the exact measurements as well as the proper direction to brew that impeccable cup of hot black or green tea.

How to measure the required loose leaf tea properly?

With the right volume or weight of tea leaves for each cup, you can prepare a great cup of perfect tea. The measure of the loose tea leaves can be based on volume as well as on weight. Here is a complete detail about the types of tea leaves and the weight or volume required for each cup:

  • Black tea: For a perfect cup of pure black tea, you will need 2 grams of leaves for each 8 ounce of tea i.e. one cup of tea. It is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of tea leaves.
  • Black tea blends: These include Chai and Earl Grey. It also required 2 grams i.e. 1 tablespoon of tea leaves for each cup of hot tea containing 8 ounces of tea.
  • Green tea: The best cup of green tea requires a tablespoon of green tea leaves i.e. the 2 grams. It is perfect for blending in 8 to 12 once of water

As you can see that the requirements of the tea leaves are almost same for all types of tea leaves. You can feel free to add extra or use less to experiment different tastes and flavors. This will help you to understand the perfect taste or flavor that works for you. 

Measuring tips

We have already discussed about the measurement of loose tea leaves for brewing a delicious cup of hot tea. But what if you have to brew more than just one cup of tea in a large teapot? Then the measurement can be quite tricky. Here you will have to calculate the total amount of water you are adding to the teapot. For every cup of tea you will need 8 to 10 ounces of water and for each of these cups of tea, you will need 2 grams or 1 tablespoon of loose tea leaves. Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

Tip #1: To make the entire process easier, take a cup.

With the help of this cup, you can add water into the teapot. For instance, if you are making tea for 5 persons, then add 5 cups of water and for each cup add one tablespoon of tea leaves. So, you have to add 5 tablespoon of tea leaves i.e. 10 grams.

Tip #2: You can adjust the intensity of taste and flavor of the tea by simply adjusting the total amount of loose tea leaves you are adding.

For example, if you like stronger brewed tea, then you will can a bit of more tea leaves into the preparation. But if you like lighter or weaker brewed tea, then you must use lesser quantity of the loose tea leaves. 

Tip #3: For stronger brewed tea, you will need a little bit more than just a tablespoon of loose tea leaves for each 8 ounces of water.

But for lighter taste, use only one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for each 8 ounces of water.

Step-by-Step Method of Tea Brewing

If you are brewing tea for the first time using the loose leaves, then you need to know the exact process of it. Here are the steps that you must follow to ensure that your tea is perfectly brewed and taste just amazing:

1. Buy a high quality leaf tea

You have to make sure that the loose tea leaves you are buying are of high quality. Buy them from a trusted tea company and make sure to choose the right cut or right flavor according to your preference. You can ask for assistance from them if you are buying it for the first time.

2. Take the infuser

You will need the infuser to let the tea leaves steep. This is the best method for enjoying a cup of freshly brewed cup of tea. Having an infuser will also help you to steep the tea based on your own individual preference. So, take a tablespoon or teaspoon of tea (based on your taste) into the infuser. Infusers made up of metal are the best for this.

3. Boil the water

Take the required amount of water into the kettle and put it on the heat. Let it come to boil before you turn of the heat source. Once the water is completely boiled, you have to pour the boiling water immediately into the cup. Make sure the infuser is placed in the cup while you are pouring the boiling water.

4. Let it steep

Now, leave the cup of tea to steep. A perfectly brewed tea needs some time of steeping. The boiling water will absorb all the flavors and tastes of the tea leaves into it. Well, the steeping time vary from one tea leaf to another. For black tea, the ideal steeping time is 3 to 4 minutes. For green tea, it is only 2 to 3 minutes. If you are steeping herbal tea, then it will take about 10 minutes to steep completely.

5. Enjoy the freshly brewed tea

Once the steeping is done, you have to remove the infuser first. Then, you can add sugar if you want. You can now sit back and enjoy this perfectly brewed tea while relaxing and unwinding.


The perfect measure of tea leaves is essential for a perfect brewing. You can also add the milk or cream separately according to your personal taste. But the black tea, black tea blends, herbal tea or green tea will taste better in simple hot water only. Follow the abovementioned measurements and step-by-step process to brew a perfectly delicious cup of tea like a pro. This doesn’t need any special skills or time to master. You just have to understand the ideal time of steeping and the quantity of tea leaves (loose) that works perfectly according to your taste.

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