How to Read Tea Leaves – The Complete Guide to Tasseography

how to read tea leaves – the complete guide to tasseography
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Do you want to read tea leaves? Do you want to know how to do it immaculately? Yes, you are on this page means you want to know more about tea leaves reading. You are looking for some effective and proven ways to read tea leaves, right? If you are thinking that the process is super easy and you can master this art with a little practice, then you are absolutely right. Many people find it really hard to read leaves. However, we will only focus on proved and easy ways to offer the best result. Keep reading to know how to read tea leaves.

What is Tea Leaves Reading?

Tea leaves reading, known as tasseography, is not a new concept. This is an ancient Chinese art. However, now people are showing more interest in leaves reading. All the credit goes to the widespread use of tea and social media. In the current condition, people all over the world are drinking tea. Tea has become an inseparable part of human life. Both the developed and developing world are drinking tea. 

They are experimenting with different types of tea. They want to know more about the tea such as the benefits, side effects, and long term effects. At the same time, they want to read tea leaves. Tea leave reading is not related to the benefit and side effects of the tea. It is a completely different concept that can help you to predict your present and future. 

There are many ways to read tea leaves. Your teapot can help you to read tea leaves. Have you ever observed your teacup after finishing your tea? If the answer is no, then try now. This is easy and does not demand any effort. Try to observe your empty teacup. Look at the shape of tea leaves. Is it telling you something? Did you notice any difference? Try again from the different angles and then try to recognize shapes. You will start noticing something new.

Things to do to Prepare Your Mind for Reading

You are all set to start tea leaves reading. You just want to understand methods or ways to go ahead. Before that, you will have to prepare your mind. Make your mind calm and cool just like a kid. You can also consider the following tips to prepare your mind for tea leaves reading.

  • Get rid of all the curiosity and make your mind stable
  • Prepare yourself to believe the first impression
  • Do not use your mind to guess anything. Just follow the process without putting pressure on your mind. Otherwise, it will confuse you and will make the process a bit longer
  • Let things happen naturally without your intervention
  • Do not draw the conclusion and force yourself to find an answer. Observe the leaves carefully and allow the answer to come to your mind naturally
  • Do not set a time limit. Take time to understand tea leaves without any distraction

If you follow all these, it will be much easier for you to control your thought and use your mind intelligently. You are not going to master this art with the first attempt. It demands practice. Even if you did not find anything helpful in the first attempt, do not feel bad. You will have to try again to read tea leaves.

How to Start the Reading Process

Now you have better control over your thought. You know what you are going to do and what your objective is. Trust yourself and make sure that you are determined enough to enjoy the end result. Yes, you are going to do this. We are here to help you throughout.

For tea leaves reading, you will need certain accessories. Tea leaves are the first and key requirement. In addition, you will need a teacup. Make sure that the cup has a simple shape and it has a handle as well. Simple in the sense, the design needs to be totally simple. There should not be notches, decorations, or edges. All these are going to cause problems. So, first, get a simpler bowl-shaped cup with the handle. 

You can choose any cup that might be modern teacups or vintage. But you will have to only focus on design and simplicity. The design will act as a major distraction. You will need a clear surface to have a thorough and complete look at the leaves. If design and prints are there, you will not be able to observe tea leaves properly.

Start the Ritual

Once you have a simple cup, the next step is to get tea leaves. Get a teaspoon of tea leaves to start reading. You can choose any type of tea that might be black tea, green tea, or herbal tea. However, you will have to select the leaves that are not rolled into pellets. Get your favorite tea and allow it steep whatever time you want. Steeping time is not going to influence your reading result.

Your tea is ready and you are fully prepared to read the tea leaves. If you want to enjoy your tea, then go ahead and relax your mind. If you do not want to drink your prepared tea, then transfer it to another bowl or cup. Make your teacup mostly empty as if you have just finished your tea. Now, you are ready to read tea leaves.

Feeling excited, right? You will find it fun and interesting. After all, you are going to discover something new. Once you will share it with others, they will be super excited.

How to Read Tea Leaves

Now we will come to the point. Your teacup is ready and your mind is well-prepared to read the teacup. Just follow the given steps.

  • Your teacup is almost empty with a teaspoon of tea
  • Hold the handle of teacup and have a look inside
  • Some questions will come into your mind
  • Swirl teacup a couple of times in the counterclockwise direction
  • Invert it carefully over the saucer and leave it there for a couple of minutes and allow it to drain away all the liquids
  • turn the cup up

Tea leaves are ready and you can start reading. Even if only a few leaves are left, you can start reading. As stated earlier, do not allow your mind to take any stress. Quietly look at your tea and try to develop a tune with the leaves.

Nothing is coming to your mind. You cannot even understand the shape. It is looking like your regular tea. You are unable to find out any difference. Close your eyes and just calm your mind. Turn the cup and try to look at tea leaves from a new angle. 

Take time to know the exact shape. Focus on your first impression. It will help you to go ahead and understand better. Observe carefully and know the shape and see how these leaves are distributed. 

Let your mind to create questions and take time to find a natural answer. You should not rush to reach a conclusion. Instead, try to develop a connection with tea leaves. Tea leaves can help you to get an honest and perfect reading. If you try on your own and pressurize your mind, it will not help much.

Did You Find Something in the Teacup?

In the teacup, you will find only a few tea leaves. Are they able to create an impression? Do you find the shape interesting? Is your intuition telling you something? These are too much to be answered. However, you can get answers with careful observation. Your full attention needs to be on tea leaves and how they are shaped and grouped. You need to understand the shapes. This is the key.

Concentrate on Your Teacup

Now we are in the final stage. Your teacup has tea leaves and you are trying to read them. However, you are totally unaware of the processing. You do not know how to start and how to read tea leaves when you are unable to recognize the shape accurately. We will make it even easier by dividing your tea into two parts. We will start with the handle.

The Handle of Your Tea Cup

  • Hold the handle of your teacup and try to read tea leaves from different angles
  • Experts normally start to read tea leaves by moving them clockwise around the teacup. Use the handle to move teacup and observe leaves and formed shapes
  • Tea leaves shaped near the handle will influence your mind most. They can motivate your mind to get the most accurate answer
  • Look at the left side of the handle and think that this is the past and you have nothing to do with it
  • If anything is left in the right handle, look at them carefully and take it as the present and your immediate future
  • Create and develop this feeling to prepare your mind in a better way

We are done with the teacup handle and now we will have to observe the bowl. Bowl is the real place for the experiment. Careful observation is must get an accurate reading.

The Bowl of Your Teacup

  • Symbols at the top third of the cup and near the rim will occur very past with a few days
  • Symbols in the middle portion of the cup in the near future, within a few weeks
  • The base of the cup is a distant future. Might take a month or so
  • In all these cases, when the symbols are closer to the handle, they will occur first

When you will first see the leaves in your teacup, they will be mostly scattered into the dots, lines, small groups, and large groups. You might find them confusing and even meaningless. Concentrate on them and try to find out the difference in the shapes. Change the angles turning the cup and then it might be easier for you to understand the meaning. 

While reading, you will have to concentrate on each and every shape. The good shapes will balance the bad ones. Also, these shapes might get support from the positive ones. All these leaves with different shapes will come together to create and tell you a story.

Discover the Story

Yes, here we are. You will have to find out the story. 

There are different types of shapes and groups created by tea leaves. You will have to interlink those shapes and groups and then try to connect them with nature or something else. Just feel like a young kid who is just observing the cloud and trying to find different shapes and images in the cloud. You might have tried this before, right?

The shapes or groups created by the tea leaves might be similar to flowers, trees, stars, anchors, triangles, letters, squares, numbers, and so on. Remember that all these shapes have a symbolic meaning. You will have to study those symbols. 

These symbols might be small or large. Larger symbols are the indication that these are more important. For example, if you find a bat symbol, it indicates a long journey. When the symbol is small, then it might represent a journey to the next town. If it is considerably large, then it might be the indication of a trip to a different country. 

Sometimes, the shapes and tea leave groups show a letter. The letter represents a different meaning. It indicates the name of a person. When you find a shape similar to the C, the name of the person starts with C. When the C is near a flying bird, then it is the indication that you are going to receive good news from a person whose name starts from C.

Some Tips to Make Tea Leaves Reading More Effective

  • Once you will be able to start recognizing shapes, start focusing on the larger shapes and then come to the small shapes. Large shapes are the indication of important things
  • When there are more shapes in the cup, it is an indication that the person is experiencing an important phase of life
  • Find out if shapes are concentrated on one place of the cup or they are spread out
  • Keep your own tea leaves reading journal. You might want to write down all the important things, shape, and group interpretation. With more details, you can expect a better outcome. Later, you can check the level of accuracy. It will help you to master the reading art and predict the right thing.

How Often One Should Read?

You do not need to read your teacup always or multiple times in a day. If you start to do so, you can easily confuse yourself. The reason is that each cup might contradict the previous. Ultimately, you will start losing your faith. If you want to use tea leaves reading for your benefit, you can read once every morning.

First, finish your tea and then start reading the leaves to know what is going to happen throughout the day. People also suggest reading tea leaves once a week. You can predict the things that are about to happen in the week ahead. 

Also, you should wait for the next reading until the result of the first reading has not achieved. In addition to regular reading, you can use tea leaves reading to know about your immediate and distant future. For example, if your promotion is due and you are curious to know about it, you can simply read tea leaves to satisfy your curious mind. The same is applicable to a particular relationship. 

If you want to know the future of your love life, you can read tea leaves to get insights. However, you will have to concentrate on that practical question to find the correct answer. Do not confuse yourself and focus on a particular condition instead of predicting each and everything. 

Also, if the indications or symbols are not favorable or you are not satisfied with the result, avoid repeating the process to find a suitable answer. If you keep trying repeatedly, you will lose accuracy. You can also misinterpret the indication if you are desperately looking for some positive symbol. Therefore, it is suggested to do it once and trust the symbols and result. A repeated attempt will not offer accuracy. It will only confuse your mind.


It is really fun and interesting to read tea leaves. If you have not done yet, then give it a try to get insights into your future. When you read, follow some basics. Trust the first impression and follow your heart. Symbols can be easily interpreted with practice and experience. 

Tea leaves reading is the easiest way to know your future. The symbol indication is generally correct and accurate. You just need to understand and connect yourself with symbols. Do not try to draw any symbol and force your mind to get something new. Follow your instinct and let the symbols to predict your future. 

Keep trying but do not exhaust yourself to find something that is not in your future. Have patience and practice always to get a better outcome.

What about you? Do you have any tips or Tea Reading experiences to share with us? If so use the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. 

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