Is There Tea in Herbal Tea?

is there tea in herbal tea?
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If you’re wondering if there is any actual tea in herbal tea, then you’re probably reading the right post.

The quick answer is NO, there is no Tea in Herbal Tea.

But since you may not take “NO” for an answer, we will discuss here herbal tea more in details thereby ascertaining whether it can be deemed as tea or not.

What is Herbal Tea?

Technically, herbal tea is not a tea, as it doesn’t come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. For the uninitiated, this is the plant that is responsible for producing black, green, white and oolong teas. Unlike regular teas that are first plucked and then processed through an extensive oxidation process, herbal teas aren’t produced the same way. 

Instead, they are produced from the infusion of several leaves, barks, roots and flowers that belong to edible, safe and non-tea plants. In European countries and several other corners of the globe, Herbal teas are popularly known as Tisanes. 

However, despite not belonging to the original group of teas, the inception of herbal teas spans back to several years. According to most experts, these teas have been around for several decades. But, most people overlooked them. 

These teas have come to be popular over the last couple of years because of their mind-boggling vibrant flavors. Since they are made from herbs, these flavors naturally seem to be present in these teas. What’s more, herbal teas also come with several physical and emotional benefits. In our tedious and hectic lifestyles, these teas offer us an opportunity to start from the basics and concentrate on our overall wellness by following a holistic approach. 

Since these teas can be made from practically any blend of natural ingredients, there is a large variety of them across the globe. Every herbal tea has its own set of flavor profiles and health benefits.

How Did Herbal Teas Originate?

As we already mentioned, herbal teas have a rich history that spans back to several hundreds of decades. These teas usually came around when our ancestors created them by infusion rare plants, fruits, roots, and herbs present amid their native environment. 

According to most experts, the earliest kind of these teas can be traced back to ancient Egypt and parts of China. Both these nations have several textual recordings detailing the health and medicinal benefits of drinking herbal tea. These places also carry relevant information about the various concoctions that can be used for whipping up herbal tea. 

During the 1st Century AD, Dioscorides, a famous Greek Physician explained how more than 600 different medicinal plants could be used for creating this wonderful concoction of herbal teas. As per his insights, these plants were to be directly seeped into the water for developing the tea. This would result in a concoction that came with incredible healing properties. 

And this isn’t the only evidence indicating the benefits of herbal teas. According to many modern researchers, desiccated peppermint leaves were found along with multiple Egyptian pyramids. Dating back to 1000 B.C, these pyramids are likely to be of our ancestors who believed in the healing property of peppermint. They probably believed that herbal teas would assist in digestion.

That said, many other historical records indicate that these herbal teas weren’t just used for their physical or health-based benefits. Instead, they were also used for their ability to invoking a complete spiritual awareness and calmness. Eventually, more and more people started drinking these teas for their complex taste and soothing aroma. 

Even today, many leading brands manufacture herbal teas by creating a unique concoction of rare herbs, edible flowers, roots, barks, fruits and various other ingredients of trees. People today drink these teas for supporting their holistic wellbeing and the healthy development of their mind and bodies.

Types of Herbal Tea

Here’s a list of the common types of herbal tea

Are Herbal Teas As Beneficial as Conventional Teas?

The benefits of herbal teas are manifold. In this section, we will discuss them in detail.

1. Relaxes Your Mind and Body

Perhaps the biggest highlight of these herbal teas is the calming effect it has on your mind and bodies. Used for centuries, teas like Peppermint tea (1), Chamomile tea (2), Lemon Balm tea or Passion Flower tea can successfully calm you after a long day at work. 

In our current day and time, we often resort to medication in a bid to alleviate stress. However, most medicines come with terrible side effects that are detrimental to our physical and mental well-being. This is where herbal teas come to play. 

Completely natural and side-effect free, these teas can help us relax after a long day at work. If you whip them up in the right way, these teas will help you to rejuvenate and act as a natural and better alternative to over-the-counter medicines. 

The relaxing and soothing properties of these teas will also help you take better rest. The result: you get to enjoy longer hours of fully uninterrupted sleep.

2. Boosts Immunity

Are you feeling under the weather of late? In case you are, herbal teas will have you covered. Yes, most of these teas contain properties that boost your inherent immunity and helps you battle out complex ailments.

This is perhaps the reason why you feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after a long day when you have your first sip of herbal tea. While various kinds of herbal teas have been used time and again for boosting your immune health, tulsi tea tops the charts since it is often claimed to be one of the oldest herbal teas to have been around. Yes, since there’s also mention of this tea in Ayurveda, you can fully count on it. 

But how do herbal teas boost your immunities? What is the mechanism followed here? Well, this is primarily because they contain antifungal as well as antibacterial properties that collectively treat common health issues like cold, flu and fever.

3. Reduces the Impact of Severe Pain/Soreness

Just like cold, flu and fever we often try to treat pain and soreness with over-the-counter drugs. Although this brings immediate relief, it ends up having a detrimental impact on our systems due to the artificial ingredients used in them.

But such is not the case with herbal teas. These beverages reduce your pain, without bringing forth any negative side effects. While proper research is still being conducted, many studies are revealing that elements like capsaicin and willow bark have properties that can reduce your pains and aches (3). 

For best results, you can always take a herbal tea based on these elements along with your regular medication.

4. Reduces Chronic Ailments

Since herbal teas are rich in antioxidants, they collectively work in reducing the presence of free radicals in our bodies. In the process of doing this, they also prevent the impact of oxidative stress. 

Certain herbal teas are also rich in polyphenols that are said to reduce the chances of cancer. These teas are extensively used in European and Asian countries for preventing chronic ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

As per studies, herbal teas tend to have positive health benefits due to the presence of polyphenols and tannins. Both polyphenols and tannins have a major role in widening our arteries, lowering our blood pressure, and reducing our cholesterol levels.

Certain herbal teas based on rooibos and honeybush are rich in antioxidants that prevent the deterioration of the brain and reduce the chances of osteoporosis (4).

5. Prevents Stomach Disorders

Herbal teas are especially beneficial for maintaining the health of your digestive systems as they absorb gas, boost the blood flow in your whole digestive tract and also reduce the number of free radicals that usually stands as the major cause of indigestion and stomach ailments. 

Rich in phenols, these teas do not merely strengthen the muscles along your stomach lining. These phenols also go a long way in strengthening the muscles along your esophagus. This further reduces the chances of acid reflux and prevents symptoms of heartburn (5).

These teas are also said to make way for the easier absorption of nutrients in your digestive tract.

6. Stimulates your Brain Function

While you can always drink a cup of herbal tea every time, you’re feeling unwell, you can also make it a practice to drink them daily. But why so, you may ask? This is because these teas contain several brain-boosting properties (6).

Herbal teas usually stimulate your brain and improve its function by boosting the flow of blood. Since higher blood flow nourishes your brain with the required oxygen and nutrients, it is especially important to drink them regularly.

7. Free From Calories

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having herbal tea is the fact that it is completely free from calories. Unlike coffee that comes laden in caffeine and calories, herbal tea doesn’t just taste better, but also doesn’t cause weight gain. 

Many health enthusiasts have this daily for the benefits it has in terms of weight loss. So, if you want to cut down on your extra flab, replace water with this tea. Unlike water, this tea is rich in flavors so it wouldn’t taste bland.

Bottom Line

Although herbal teas do not contain the actual properties of tea, they are quite popular for their rich flavors and incredible health benefits. You can always try them if you’re looking to enjoy a light beverage with a soothing set of flavors.

What about you? Do you consider Herbal Tea as a real Tea? What is your favorite Herbal Tea? Feel Free to chime below and delight everyone with your comments.







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