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Sipping hot tea in the morning has been a part of many cultures across the globe. Different cultures prefer different types of tea. They love a strong and robust tea with their breakfast to get energy for the day ahead. In this article, we will discuss two popular types of teas. These are English breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea. Both these types of teas are inseparable from their respective cultures. Irish and English people start their day with their specific breakfast tea.

These breakfast teas have a unique and rich history. When English breakfast tea predominantly uses China black tea, Irish breakfast tea comes as a proper blend of Assam tea. Go through the followings to know more about the breakfast tea and these popular types.

English Tea with Milk

What is Breakfast Tea?

As the name itself suggests, breakfast tea accompanies your breakfast. You focus on a healthy and nutritious breakfast to refuel your body and mind after a night long fasting. Like a healthy breakfast, you also need a robust tea to alert your mind and gather energy and activeness.

Breakfast tea blends are more robust than afternoon and night tea blend. Mostly, breakfast teas are preferred with milk. It blends with Assam tea to offer higher caffeine important to boost your energy levels. Though all the popular cultures take breakfast tea with their breakfast, still, they prefer a specific taste and preparation. You can take the example of the English breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea. The preparation style will be different depending on the culture.

What Is British Breakfast Tea?

The original British breakfast tea was China black tea. It was bold, rich, and full-bodied tea. The history of the English breakfast tea is still a subject of debate among historians. The most well-known theory proves that the concept of breakfast tea was first introduced by Queen Anne almost in the early 1700s.

During the 17th century, the English breakfast was a filling and hearty meal that consisted of plenty of meat, bread, ale, eggs, and beans. It was Queen Anne who wanted a hot tea to replace the ale during the breakfast. Soon after, tea became a staple with breakfast for most of the people in England. This trend gave birth to an English breakfast tea.

China imposed a ban on tea during the Opium wars. At that very time, the British East India Company came to know about Indian tea. They started producing Indian tea in Assam. After a period of time, Indian tea became popular in the British market. Gradually, China’s black tea lost its popularity. At the end of the 19th century, they started producing tea in Ceylon. As a result, you can find a strong Ceylon component in the current English breakfast tea.

In brief, English breakfast tea is blended with sugar and milk. This blend prepares a warming and comforting cup of tea to go well with a healthy breakfast.

As stated earlier, the original English breakfast tea was China black tea. However, some other teas such as Assam tea, Ceylon tea, and African tea leaves started to influence the British market slowly. Now you can expect a variety of flavors and types in English breakfast tea.

What is the Irish Breakfast Tea?

Irish breakfast tea is different from the English breakfast tea. When the original English breakfast tea was China’s black tea, the Irish breakfast tea has its origin in Assam tea. It has a very strong Assam component that gives a reddish color, malty flavor, and robust taste. The Irish breakfast tea is much stronger than its English counterpart.

As Ireland is popular for dairy products, they normally use milk and sugar to prepare tea. You can also expect a few exceptions. Some people prefer to drink simple breakfast tea by adding sugar only. They do not add milk in their breakfast tea.

Irish breakfast tea is also called misnomer. The reason is that you can drink the Irish breakfast tea throughout the day without restricting it with your breakfast only. People drink more than five cups every day.

Both Irish and English breakfast teas are available in the loose leaf tea and tea bags to create a convenient option for users. These are available in some unique flavors as well. It is up to users to decide which flavor can go well with their breakfast.

English Breakfast Tea vs Irish Breakfast Tea

  • English breakfast tea comes as the combination of the Assam tea of the India and black tea of China. It can also have a portion of the Ceylon tea. You can say that English breakfast tea combines three different cultures such as robust tea of India, black tea of China, and Ceylon tea.
  • The black tea of China offers a malty, strong fruit, and slightly sweet flavor. However, it lacks the astringency of the Ceylon and Indian Assam tea. They blend these three types to get a more complex flavor and a softer feel. Also, they can prepare these teas separately depending on their taste preference. English breakfast tea offers more flexible options than Irish breakfast tea.
  • Irish breakfast tea is Assam tea. Yes, you will get a little component of the Ceylon tea and China black tea. But both these are not the major ingredients. Irish breakfast tea comes in a very strong flavor and can dry up the mouth of the drinker quickly.

 If you are drinking both these types of breakfast teas for the first time, it might not be easy for you to distinguish them correctly. The strong taste of the Irish breakfast tea might be the determining factor. Also, you need to pay attention to your mouth to know how it feels while sipping your tea. If it dries out quickly, then there is a possibility that you are drinking Irish breakfast tea.

Irish breakfast tea is usually much stronger than English breakfast tea. It has a rich flavor and reddish color. The blend is smooth and you can enjoy it with or without sugar. Also, you can add milk if you like a creamy appearance.

Similarities & Differences

Both these breakfast teas look very similar depending on the combination since both use the same types of teas. You can find the Assam tea, Ceylon tea, and China tea in English and Irish breakfast teas.

The difference is that English breakfast tea mostly uses China black tea or Assam tea. You will also find Ceylon tea. However, Irish breakfast tea predominantly uses Assam tea. Assam tea is very strong. Another difference is that Irish breakfast tea adds milk in the tea preparation. English breakfast tea also adds tea. But this is rare and they mostly prefer black tea instead of adding sugar and milk. They do not like a much strong taste like an Irish Breakfast tea.

Also, different companies use different types of blends to prepare English breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea. You can simply have a look at the ingredient to know the type of tea and ingredients. In brief, we can say that both these breakfast teas are identical and dissimilar in many ways. When a similar type of teas makes them almost similar, the portion and usage make them completely different.


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Which One Is the Best?

None of these teas are best or worst. Your taste preference will decide your best. For example, if you like a soft flavor, you can go with English breakfast tea. You can make it even creamy and slightly sweet by adding sugar and milk. You will love the taste. But if you are one of those who want a strong tea to start your day, then you will have to choose another option. Irish breakfast tea is stronger and more effective. Effective in the sense, it has more caffeine to keep you energetic and active throughout. So, your personal preference and requirement will decide your tea.

The key benefit of both these types of teas is that you can prepare them in different ways to suit your taste. If you want, you can add sugar and milk. Milk will offer a cream appearance and more benefits than a simple black tea. You can also add herbs if you want a unique taste. There will be no restriction.

In the current condition, many tea options are available. You can also find different types of herbal teas in English and Irish breakfast teas. Instead of choosing only one type, you can experiment with different types of breakfast teas.

You should always choose a top brand to get high quality regardless of the type. The popular and leading brands use sustainable and even organic method to grow your favorite tea. So, you can expect the maximum benefits and enjoy the original flavor.

Final Words

From the above, now you might have a better understanding of two popular breakfast teas in the world. Both of them are highly appreciated and widely used across the globe. Choose your favorite option and enjoy it most by trying different preparation methods. You will certainly love the end result.

TopicTea Team
TopicTea Team

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