National Tea Day – 10 Tea Holidays You Should Celebrate

National Tea Day
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If you love tea, then you know that it’s one of the most popular drinks in the world. Tea is enjoyed by many people, especially those who are looking for a way to relax and enjoy themselves. There are so many different types of tea available that it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. That’s why we have put together this list of 10 great tea holidays to celebrate this year.

Everyone loves a tea holiday. If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate tea-based holidays and reaffirm your status as an avid tea lover, you can find lots of great ideas for things to do on the internet.

The 10 Most Popular Tea Holidays

There are many different types of tea available, so it’s no surprise that there are many different tea holidays. The following are the most popular:

National Matcha Day: February 6

Matcha was originally created in Japan, and the term is still used for both Japan and tea. What better way to commemorate National Matcha Day than by brewing some great matcha? If you’re lazy, you can buy some matcha bags at a supermarket. If you want to go all out, however, you can do so by buying some good equipment for brewing the right cup of matcha. You can choose different blends and grades of matcha and the right tools for the job. Add ice-cream, cookies or any sorts of tasty matcha-flavored food and you’re ready to have a good time to mark National Matcha Day!

National Iced Tea Month: June

If you drink more tea, it will make you feel better, and it will be delicious! National Iced Tea Month happens in June, specifically in the US. Tea is just good for cuddling up in the winter time or to keep you alert on a particularly cold day. It helps you to stay cool and energized when the temperature is high during the summer. This is a great month to start celebrating the great varieties of iced tea that you can have any day of your life. Enjoy trying out new varieties of ice tea! Drink the teas that you love to drink, and experiment with flavors that you may not have had normally.

National Iced Tea Day: June 10

National Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated on June 10, and it’s often a great excuse to get together with friends to enjoy an iced tea. If you love iced tea with honey or not, with a little lemon or not, many people love and appreciate iced tea by the glass all summer.

It’s a perfect time to celebrate the many activities that are part of Iced Tea Month, by having a celebration on June 10th. It’ll give you a chance to tell friends about how much you love ice tea and how you have been enjoying it! Have an ice tea party with friends and share with them how you have made various ice tea flavors.

National Bubble Tea Day: April 30

National Bubble Tea Day was born in the United States in 2018 as a result of this tasty Taiwanese drink. It’s not for people who don’t like to drink particularly sweet drinks or those who don’t like to chew things in their drink. It is an extremely popular drink and one that is not likely to be fading anytime in the future.

You can easily make a special bubble tea drink by purchasing a special bubble-tea set that comes with the necessary ingredients (including tea, tapioca pearls, and specific bubble tea straws).

National Cream Tea Day: Last Friday of June

Cream Tea Day, which celebrates the traditional act of having tea together, occurs every year on the fourth Friday of June. A good cream and scones tea is like having a special occasion! It is as though you are having a small lunch: It involves tea, scones, jam, and clottey cream. Host or invite a group of friends to a good afternoon tea. Put away a few hours to enjoy a leisurely afternoon while you make some delicious scones and sip some hot tea.

National Chai Day: September 21

It’s time for India to celebrate its drink everywhere. Chai, a tea that is favored by millions in India, is as popular as matcha is in Japan.

Find out more fun facts and recipes from the delicious Indian food historians, and make a chai latte or a snickerdoodle cake from a chai recipe that would be good to have at a party or dinner.

National Japanese Tea Day: October 31

It has been thought that a monk from Japan named Eisai, who is credited as being the founder of the wonderful tea ceremony we enjoy today, imported the tea seed they had grown in China on this day.

What do people do to commemorate this day? In Japan, people are fond of having matcha tea, but you can also enjoy many other delicious teas. You may also want to have some traditional Japanese tea rituals or ceremonies with close friends or by yourself if you really wanted to do something different.

International Tea Day: December 15 and May 21

It is true that there are two International Tea Days. The May date is a day established in 2019 by a United Nations council, where each year the Food & Agriculture Organization of the world leads the celebration. The aim of these days is to highlight the history, importance, and social significance of tea. The other date takes place annually in many countries that produce tea, primarily in order to create awareness about the importance of free trade and justice.

National Hot Tea Day: January 12

National Hot Tea Month is in January, and it only seems natural that we celebrate this day in January.

Firstly, brew up a nice cup of hot tea with some freshly-ground cinnamon, which will truly warm you up. Then, pair it with a chocolate bar to complete the experience.

National Hot Tea Month: January

Welcome the year by getting cozy with a mug of warm tea every day. January makes it the ideal time to enjoy a steaming mug of hot tea. If you do that, you will feel warm and cozy.

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