10 Tea Party Games For Adults

10 Tea Party Games For Adults
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Tea time! Tea time! Tea time! We all know how to play tea party games. But do you know the adult version of tea party games? The kind of games that you can play with your friends, family, and maybe even a stranger?

It’s the adult version of a family get together or friend get together. And we all love a good game. If you don’t believe me, try these games for adults the next time you’re holding a tea time with loved ones!

Best Tea Party Games for Adults

Who says adults can’t have fun at a tea party? Here are some of the best adult tea party games.

All the adults at your party will have a blast playing these ten adult tea party games. There’s no better way to kick off your next get together than with a game of adult tea party games. Read on to find out how you can play these games at your next tea party.

Name the Tea

Take out some cute serving dishes or cups to make this very easy game. If guests are lucky, you can surprise them by giving them a pen and paper so that they can identify the different teas they are drinking. Put a teabag with a loose leaf in the saucer of each cup or put a cup with a special tea with a colorful lid on it.

Give guests a brief description of what teas are known, and ask them to identify the teas by matching the names of the cups or saucers on their plates or in their cups. Those guests that identify the correct tea from a group of tea cups are the winners. It is fun to try different kinds of loose-leaf teas from different countries, so try different colors of tea.

Tea Party Bingo

One more game to help entertain guests is this fun game called tea party bingo. Prior to the event, prepare a special teapot for every guest. Mark five squares on a sheet of cardstock on a sheet of cardboard and give them to each person as a fun tea party favor. Give guests small jello shaped candy to place on their Bingo squares as the game proceeds.

Some good bingo dares to include include eating a whole cucumber in one sitting or eating a certain amount of different types of cakes. The guest who has ticketed the many boxes before they leave for the tea party is the winner.

Tea Trivia

Organise a fun game of what the most interesting people are saying — but stick to talking about important things: this is a good game for a tea party.

Just direct them to a page with interesting tea trivia that you’ve found on the internet (or, if you’ve already made the tea, show them some tea trivia that you know, so they’ll know what they’re about to say). Let them know ahead that you’re planning to play a game of trivia with them. When you know all the interesting tea facts, prepare a short list that you’ll use as the basis for the questions that you’ll be asking.

10 Tea Party Games For Adults

Tea Bag Toss

Have everyone place the cups on a table in a line. You can then time the toss by having everyone toss an item into their own cups. Give players a specified amount (or more) of loose tea bags, and then instruct their actions: Each time that someone gets a tea bag into their teacup, that person earns one point. Those who get the more points win!

Mystery Bags

Just ask everyone to get together and place in hats and bags an assortment of mystery items. Have guests take turns putting on a bag and trying to tell you what each item is, putting their hand in the bag to touch the contents.

It might be interesting to watch how well people guess correctly the second you pass a mystery bag to a group of people. You can prepare rewards to the people who guess right the most.

Tea Memory Game

Set out pretty trays with small items that you have collected from your home. Some of the items will be familiar to guests, but there will be some that will be difficult for them to spot.

After you’ve got a nifty little tray full of tea-related items, ask guests to take a tour of it and find out all that they can remember. Then, in a huddle, get everyone together and have them write down a list of as many items as they can remember. Those with the best memory to remember some of the items will win the game!

The Ribbon Game

Ribbon-tying is enticing for guests who are not really familiar with one another. Give each guest a small piece of a ribbon to tie on their wrists when they arrive, but don’t tell them what it’s for.

When guests arrive at the table, invite each guest to start talking and sharing things about themselves for as long as it takes them to tie the ribbon with what you gave them earlier . Introverts may not enjoy this game much, however it’s a wonderful way of getting everybody out of their shells.

Tea Cup Relay Race

Make your guests laugh by playing a game that makes everyone laugh! You get a tea pot, a tea cup, and a tea saucer. Play a game where everyone throws a teacup filled with water into a pot to get it full the fastest.

Players race while balancing their tea cup on their saucer, and they’ll attempt to pour the water into the pot. Once everyone is gone, you will need to find out whose pot has the most water in it, in order to determine who will win the game.

Teapot Art

Tell guests about a picture that reminds them of tea – a teacup or a teapot. Have the group spend a minute looking at the pictures, and then instruct them to try to draw what looks like a teapot.

The idea is for your guests to try and describe an image that looks like a teapot, but try to do it without looking. Give each guest three times the time to attempt to sketch a teapot. Then randomly select the picture that looks the closest to the original image. Give a special reward to the group that draws the most similar looking teapot.

Tea Pictionary

This game can be hard to prepare for a tea time, but it is fun and will last for at most 30 minutes. Have guests take a list of words that they think are good for a themed party. If you have many people, arrange them to make a team of three or four people.

Open a bag of inexpensive tea bags, and place the contents in some pretty, clear containers. One person in each group takes a card and attempts to “draw” the item in the card using the tea leaves. Each person takes turns attempting to figure out which word it is. The person in charge of the teabags does not have the ability to speak. Whichever team guesses most cards out of the rest wins the game.

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