Vietnamese Lotus Tea: All You Need to Know

vietnamese lotus tea: all you need to know
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Lotus tea is recognized to be one of the most ancient teas of Vietnam which are produced by following the old and traditional process. Here, natural flower blossoms are useful for conferring scent in the tea. In the country of Vietnam, the lotus is considered to be a symbol of purity, beauty and good fortune. With the use of high green tea base, Vietnamese lotus tea confers a sweet and lovely aroma along with vanilla hint in the same.

History of Vietnamese lotus tea

Lotus Tea was created originally for King Tu Duc during the Nguyen Dynasty. During the night, as the nectar of the flower was at the fullest, the servants used to go for rowing in the lake in the place where the lotus used to grow. 

They will be peeling back every fragile petals of the blossom in a careful manner and fill the same with the green tea. As the flower used to close up, the petals were bound to the silk string or ribbon, in order to ensure that the tea remained dry and safe. During the morning, the servants would back to the lotus flowers while rowing, open the petals carefully, and remove the green tea. Now, it has the perfect and sweet fragrance of the lotus flower. They would be returning just at the right time prior to the preparation of tea for the breakfast of the king.

Apart from the fact that the kings used to enjoy drinking lotus tea, people at the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty used to consider drinking of tea as an art. Sooner, it became a custom where people used to take the boat onto the pond as well as lakes on the moonlit nights as the lotus flowers were about the bloom. 

They used to place the tea in the blossom and close the same with the aid of string or ribbon. During the morning, they would find that the tea was filled with the sweet scent of lotus. In addition to this, they used to collect the dew of the nighttime. They used to collect sufficient dew for the addition of the same in the teapot. After sleeping for a lot of hours, they used to spend a wonderful afternoon while drinking the delicious lotus tea.

Benefits of Vietnamese Lotus tea

This plant is located in Vietnam as the flower symbolizes purity, beauty, and fortune. Here is a list of few of the benefits of Vietnamese Lotus tea

1. Removes stress

Balancing the family and hectic work schedule takes a toll on mental health. It affects mental health in a negative manner. Apart from this, social pressure and hard economic life may lead to stress. Stress can result in several health problems like excess weight, chronic diseases, mental problems. It also leads to weakening of the immune system. The Vietnamese lotus tea is known to have sedative properties which offer relaxation and procure relief from stress (1). The tea is known to have calming effects which bring a reduction in different conditions which are related to stress.

2. Regulation of blood pressure

Potassium is considered to be an integral element, present in tea which offers assistance to the body in maintaining a healthy level of sugar (2). There are a wide array of factors which may lead to high blood sugar.

These are inclusive of high cholesterol, additional body weight, and different hereditary factors. High blood pressure can result in several conditions like fatigue, sudden loss of weight, a rise in urination frequency, consistent thirsty. The lotus tea blocks the absorption of fats that lead to high blood pressure. Drinking of the lotus tea on a regular basis helps in the relaxation of blood vessels which in turn helps in the regulation of blood pressure.

3. Useful in the prevention of cardiovascular issues

Lotus tea comprises of flavonoids and tannins. They are regarded as the powerful antioxidants which are useful in bestowing protection to the different conditions, having an impact on the functioning of the heart (3). In accordance with studies, properties of the Vietnamese lotus tea are useful in enhancing the coronary flow of blood and bringing a reduction in the blood pressure. Apart from this, this tea comprises of vitamin C which brings a reduction in the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular issues. In addition to this, the tea consists of linoleic acid which is useful in the maintenance of proper blood circulation and optimum health.

4. Controlling blood sugar level

The Vietnamese lotus tea is considered to be a good option for people suffering from diabetes. It is useful in keeping the blood sugar in check. It is also useful for people who are suffering from diabetes (4).

5. Improvement of blood sugar level

Intaking Vietnamese lotus tea on a regular basis is beneficial for the improvement of circulation of blood (5). It also plays a vital role in boosting the energy level. Few of the ingredients, present in the tea are inclusive of iron and copper which is effective in producing red blood cells on an extensive scale. Poor circulation of blood can be dangerous to health. Few of the symptoms of poor circulation are inclusive of dizziness, cold fingers, cramps, lack of energy, and headaches.

6. Helps in detoxification

The Vietnamese lotus tea plays an indispensable role in the detoxification of blood. It plays a vital role in the reduction of chances of different diseases. For reaping different benefits, you require a cup of lotus tea on a daily basis. 

In addition to the detoxification of blood, leaves of Vietnamese lotus plant comprises of properties which are useful in healing different diseases like fatty liver diseases. In addition to this, the detoxifying properties of the tea are useful in toning as well as bestowing protection to spleen and liver. Also, this tea is useful in destroying free radicals. Thus, a wide array of people intake this tea for the maintenance of healthier skin as well as organs.

7. Shedding those additional kilos

Vietnamese lotus tea plays a vital role in the absorption of carbs and fats. This will be useful in the reduction of fat, which is stored by the body. It is also effective in maintaining body weight. The lotus tea comprises of L-carotene which offers assistance in boosting the metabolism (7).

8. Anti-Inflammatory properties

People love to intake this tea owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it is considered to be a perfect choice for people who are suffering from conditions like pain, redness, and swelling associated with arthritis and related inflammatory diseases. Lotus Tea anti-inflammatory properties come from its seed that contain polysaccharides which has been helping in reducing inflammation (8).

9. Enriched source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered to be a vital vitamin, required by the body. The presence of the right amount of vitamins in the body will be useful in strengthening the immune system. In addition to this, it is useful in fighting the cold. It helps in bringing an improvement in the mood. This tea comprises of 75% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C (9). Thus, it is considered to be the perfect addition to the diet.

10. Improving skin health

Several skin conditions may arise during the hot summer season (10). The skin may turn to be dry, unattractive and dull. This Vietnamese lotus tea is useful in the treatment of summer heat syndrome as well as the prevention of heat rash.

11. Controlling the bleeding

The traditional Chinese medicine used to opt for lotus tea as the astringent. This astringent properties of the plant are useful in the prevention of internal bleeding. Thus, it is considered to be a suitable option for the treatment of different health conditions like blood in urine, blood in vomit and the prevention of additional menstrual bleeding (11).

Other benefits of drinking Vietnamese lotus tea are inclusive of

  • May reduces the risk of lung cancer (12)
  • Reduce acne (13)
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Improves mood
  • Fight the cold and flu (14)
  • Improves the immune system of the body
  • Reduces the symptoms of aging

The brewing of Vietnamese lotus tea

The first step to the Vietnamese lotus tea brewing process involves the pouring of a minute amount of water in the pot, to ensure to soak lotus tea in a gentle manner. After this, the pot needs to be shaken in a gentle manner after which it should be poured away. This step is useful in cleaning the tea and is just a few steps away.

You should make sure to pour sufficient water for consumption. The pot cap should be covered and water should be lightly flush boiled over the same. The procedure is referred to as a locking step in which the pot is warmed from the outside. The blossom scents are useful in the prevention of emission. You need to wait for the time duration of three to five minutes. Once the process is done, you need to shake the teapot lightly. The tea is brewed and you are ready to enjoy this amazing tea.

The Vietnamese lotus tea is considered to be the powerhouse of different vitamins and minerals. It is inclusive of B vitamin which is useful in enhancing the fertility and bringing an improvement in the body energy as well as vitality. The presence of linoleic acid and vitamin C helps in the prevention of different skin conditions. You are sure to procure a wide array of benefits as you intake the tea daily. We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts or experiences on Vietnamese Lotus Tea in the comment section below

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