What Are Moroccan Teapots Made of and How to Spot the Right One?

what are moroccan teapots made of and how to spot the right one?
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Moroccan people value tea, with mint tea being the most popular and preferred tea in the country. They have a special Moroccan tea set that comprises of a Moroccan teapot (also called Moroccan kettle), decorated tea glasses with Moroccan designs, and a Moroccan tea tray with deep engravings.

One of the common questions people ask about Moroccan teaware is- What are Moroccan Teapots Made of?

A quick answer to this is that most high-quality Moroccan teapots are made of silver brass or stainless steel. These materials are not only durable but also safe for brewing and serving tea. However, teapots made of silver brass or stainless steel are pricier because of the quality of materials. You can find cheaper ones made of materials such as aluminum.

With this in mind, you will be one step closer to buying the best Moroccan teapot. Let’s discuss how to buy the right Moroccan teapot;

Tips to Buying a Moroccan Teapot

1. Material of the teapot

Whether you are shopping for a Moroccan teapot in online stores or you intend to visit Morocco and buy a teapot in their marketplaces, the first thing you need to check is the material the teapot is made of.

The best Moroccan teapots are made from silver brass or stainless steel. These two materials are the best for a Moroccan teapot not only because they guarantee safe brewing and serving of tea, but also because they are durable.

A teapot made from stainless steel or silver brass will not transfer dangerous chemicals to your tea when brewing or serving it. In addition, these two materials are more durable and thus your teapot will serve you for many years. You will find teapots that have been passed on from one generation to another in Morocco and they still look presentable.

However, the more quality a teapot is, the higher the value/cost you will need to pay for. If you are on a budget and still need to buy a Moroccan teapot, you can go for teapots made from aluminum. These are still safe for brewing and serving tea, but they may not be as durable as teapots made of silver brass or stainless steel.

You can find great deals and durable teapots online at the same price or even at a cheaper price than you would get them in Morocco.

If you are looking for affordable and artistic Moroccan teapots, you can check our selection where we feature high-quality, handcrafted teapots made of stainless steel, silver brass, and other safe materials. We mostly link you up with reliable and respected Moroccan artisans who handcraft teapots.

2. Heat resistant

Another factor to keep in mind is the ability of the teapot to resist heat. For safety and easy time when serving, you need a teapot that doesn’t heat on the outside. Not all Moroccan teapots will resist hot tea, which means you need to choose wisely. Some teapots are made majorly for decoration purposes, and thus you will find it hard to use them for brewing and serving tea.

Again, this comes down to the quality of the material used. Most of the teapots made of stainless steel or silver brass will not heat up their exterior, which means you will have an easier time brewing and serving tea using them. However, most of the aluminum teapots will be overly hot, but this is corrected by having a spout and a handle that is a non-conductor of heat.

Therefore, remember to keep this factor in mind, especially if you intend to use your teapot for brewing and serving tea. If you are only looking to buy a Moroccan teapot for decoration purposes, this may not be an important consideration.

3. Teapot size

This goes without saying- you need to buy a teapot that suits your needs. Moroccan teapots are available in different sizes, which means you can find one with a capacity that suits your needs.

If you are looking for a teapot to serve an average family of four or a few friends, go for one with a capacity of more than 33 ounces of tea- this is around 1 liter. Smaller teapots of around 16 ounces are ideal for individual servings or small gatherings of 2-3 persons.

Other factors to consider include;

  • Aesthetics. Moroccan teapots come in different shapes and colors. Therefore, you can choose one that appeals the most to your eyes and one that will not crash your kitchen décor
  • Handle and spouts. Look for a teapot that is easier to hold and one that pours tea steadily. Ensure that it has an ample handle that can hold up the teapot when full.

What Goes With a Moroccan Tea Pot?

As mentioned earlier, to prepare tea the Moroccan way, you will need a Moroccan teapot, tea glasses, and a Moroccan tray.

Finding the best Moroccan tea glasses and tea tray can be quite confusing, as there are many varieties of tea sets and tea glasses available.

However, Moroccan tea glasses can be categorized in two forms- white/transparent tea glasses and colored tea glasses. Both are used in serving tea in Morocco and there are no rules as to which variety you can use- you can even mix and match tea glasses with different designs and colors.

Therefore, when buying Moroccan tea sets, think of it as a piece of decoration and go for those with colors that compliment your kitchen or living room décor.

This applies to Moroccan trays as well. You can find Moroccan trays in different colors and designs. Most of them have complex engravings but you can find modern ones with minimalistic designs. You can choose a tray that appeals to you since there are different varieties available. Have fun choosing a teapot, tea set, and tea tray that matches your taste.

How to Make Mint Tea Using Moroccan Teapot

There are several ingredients you will need for making mint tea the Moroccan way;

  • Dried green tea
  • Springs of mint
  • Sugar/your preferred sweetener
  • Boiling water

Different people may have slightly varying methods of preparing mint tea, with the amounts of ingredients and brewing time differing as well.

Typical Procedure;

  • Add a small amount of boiling to the dried green tea in the teapot. Do not mix
  • Give it a minute to steep and pour it into a small glass. Set it aside for five minutes
  • Clean the teapot and pour in the first glass of green tea to the pot, then fill in boiling water. Place your teapot filled with boiling water on a stove for around 5 minutes for it to boil more
  • Add a handful of mint and sugar/sweetener and remove the teapot from heat
  • Pour this tea into a glass jar and back to the pot severally to thoroughly mix the minty flavor and your sweetener. You can taste your tea when pouring to gauge whether or not it is well mixed. You can choose to add mint in individual glasses if some people don’t want mint in their tea.
  • Depending on personal preferences, you can also add other ingredients such as rosemary, orange flowers, and thyme
  • Once the tea is mixed, pour it out in Moroccan tea glasses about two-thirds to three-quarters full. You can serve it with any meal.

NOTE: Most Moroccan teapots may be placed directly on a stove, an essential step in making traditional mint tea.

Bottom Line

Quality Moroccan teapots made from silver brass or stainless steel are a great investment. They not only offer a great way of serving mint tea, coffee, wine, and other types of teas in parties and family gatherings but also add a sophisticated and glamorous touch to your kitchen décor.

If you are planning on acquiring a handcrafted Moroccan teapot, you can check our collection of quality, stylish teapots and Moroccan tea sets we have compiled.

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