Why Do Chinese Tea Cups have Lids

why do chinese tea cups have lids
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If you follow the old way of brewing tea (steeping it in a teapot and drinking the beverage), then you may not need a tea cup with lid. However, people today simply put tea leaves in a tea cup and add hot water to them. This is where the lids comes to help keeping it warm for longer and bringing out the taste and aroma by holding the steam within the cup.

What may seem as a common feature in Chinese tea cups may have a deeper meaning and purpose, that’s why today we want to discuss the hidden benefits of lids in Chinese tea cups. Read on to discover 4 reasons why Chinese tea cups have lids.

1. The Lid May Act As a Filter

Having a lid on your tea cup helps to prevent tea leaves from getting into your mouth. When you hold the cup to take a sip, you only need to tilt the lid slightly to hold back the loose leaves.

The Chinese use the lid to paddle the liquid away when drinking. This helps to push tea leaves to the bottom of the cup and circulate inside tea.

2. The Lid Keeps the Tea Warm

This is quite obvious but still worth mentioning. People who love drinking tea tend to drink more slowly as they appreciate all the aroma and flavor that comes with it. They tend to enjoy the tea taste as they discuss something with others or read books. This means the tea has to remain hot for one to enjoy it to the fullest, and with a lid, they enjoy it warmer for long which means more time to drink sweet tea. It’s no wonder that ceramic tea cups are very famous nowadays since they retain heat better and most of them come with a lid.

By keeping the tea warm for longer, it is possible to extract components and flavors from the tea which adds to the taste and value. You need a tea cup with lid to keep the temperature of your tea hot always. Also, it covers the cup to prevent dirt from falling inside.

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3. The Lid Unlocks the Aroma

If you plan to pay top dollar for tea, you better look for the right way to prepare and serve it in order to have the best tea drinking experience. The good thing with having a teacup with a lid is that it will be easier to unlock the real taste and aroma.

You can imagine just how sweet-smelling a fresh packaging of mint tea is, and I believe you realize how important the smell is to your tea drinking experience. With a lid, you can enjoy the full experience of the taste when drinking your tea or coffee.

4. It Protects Against Spills

No one likes the accidental splashes that can happen when drinking tea from a cup with no lid. Sometimes it’s a misstep or you can’t control your pacing. To prevent the liquid from sloshing out in a stream, having a lid on you tea cup helps minimize the mess.

Bottom Line

Although you don’t need to use a Chinese tea cup with a lid to get the best out of your tea, a lid is important since it helps to unlock the real aroma and taste of your tea and also prevent accidental spills. There is a wide variety of teacups with a lid you can choose from. Ensure that you choose one with a well-fitting lid.

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